Lanterns: We Are All Immigrants in America


We Are All Immigrants in America

I spend some time poking around on left-leaning social media to keep my finger on their pulse so to speak. I am seeing a lot of this and it is gaining steam. Their logic:
"America was founded by immigrants, then all Americans are by default immigrants and we have no right to keep any other immigrants out."


There’s a couple of tiny little problems with your logic here guys.
1) Within a direct lineage (say my great grandparents to me) there are only two immigrants, my great-grandparents. My grandparents were born here; they were not immigrants. They were natives as are everyone else up to me.
2) Not everybody's ancestors migrated to the United States. Prior to the first African slaves landing in Point Comfort Virginia, 1619, thousands of Irish were brought to America. There are heated arguments about whether they were slaves or indentured servants. That's irrelevant, either way; they did not voluntarily come to this country, so neither they or their descendants would be immigrants.
The same would apply to the Africans, the Chinese.
In fact, it would apply to every nationality since all people have at one time in history enslaved their own people and other nations people. Those slaves were drug all over the world against their will— including to America.
Now what the ethnicity or national origin of the hundreds of thousands of people brought to this country as slaves is secondary. They were all slaves.
Slavery is a crime against humanity, one of the most despicable things we humans have ever done to each other, and continue to do to each other today.
The millions of people in the United States today whose ancestors were brought here as slaves are not the descendants of IMMIGRANTS, they are the descendants of people who were brought to this country in chains.
All of these peoples ancestry's are founded on a lesson of courage, strength, and the indomitable power of the human spirit.
To be forced into such an existence, dragged from your homeland to a far away country, survive the brutality until the day you finally find freedom. You use that freedom to build a life, grow a family that eventually branches out to include people walking around today, still enjoying that same freedom first tasted by their ancestor so many years ago.
A freedom that ancestor probably valued more than their own life because of what they endured to achieve it. Kinda makes me wonder what that ancestor would think if they could see how their descendants take that freedom for granted today.
To take these peoples ancestral history that began with the brutality and dehumanization of being enslaved, sold like an animal, and drug halfway around the world to spend a life of servitude. Lump them all together with people who immigrated, meaning they chose to come here, is much more than simply a historical inaccuracy.
It will in effect erase these peoples history all together over time. All of those incredible stories of how these incredible people built the foundation that their descendants stand on today will be lost in just a few generations.
These people whose ancestors came here as slaves have a unique and powerful history that we must not allow to be devoured by the ever-ravenous beast that is political correctness. Sure, that history is filled with terrible things that they want to erase, but it is also filled with inspiring testaments to these peoples character. The strength and determination they must have possessed to not only survive but thrive once they found freedom is such an amazing part of our history. The two are so intertwined though that it is impossible to lose one without the other.
It seems like such a small thing, six words, but those six words have the power to change history as it will be taught to our great-grandchildren and beyond.
To those future generations, it will be as if those courageous people who endured slavery to eventually become a citizen of this country never existed, because they will never hear about them.
I mean how could they?
We are all immigrants in America.

Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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