Lanterns: Cotton Leaves Horror, Devastation In Its Wake


Cotton Leaves Horror, Devastation In Its Wake

Cotton has had a really big week in the news, leaving horror and devastation in its wake.


First, Hobby Lobby thoughtlessly displayed cotton stalks in a vase for sale. Can you imagine, an Arts & Crafts retailer selling stalks of a beautiful and versatile, dried botanical that’s used in wreaths, bouquets, and other creative endeavors? It’s…abominable?

Second, stalks of cotton were used in centerpieces for an African-American students’ “Dinner With The President” at the Christian school, Lipscomb University in Tennessee. Apparently, the entire evening was ‘uncomfortable’ for a variety of reasons. Dr. L. Randolph Lowry III apologized for the “offensive” centerpieces and his lack of “sensitivity.”

All I can say to this epidemic of offense is OMG.

Whatever Happened To Keeping It Real…


All right, folks, we need to have a chat about priorities, history, and black victimhood. In the past, I would have considered this conversation a great waste of time. The entire premise that cotton stalks are offensive and anyone using them must apologize and remove them, is beyond ridiculous for so many reasons I’m actually flummoxed.

As for the Hobby Lobby accusation, just shut up. It’s a business, and cotton stalks are a hot item among southern crafters. I personally try to get my hands on some stalks to use in arrangements from the farmers in our area. There are always stragglers after the cotton is picked…by machine!

I can’t take this nonsense. I can’t imagine that all of these whiners boycott cotton clothing. Silly me, they can wear cotton, they can call each other the ’N’ word, they can objectivize and demean women, and they can call for the death of cops and white people. And most importantly, they can’t be racist.

What utter crap!

Hey, BLM, Break Out the History Books…


History tells me the ancestors of these “victims” would be embarrassed by BLM’s antics and tactics. The idea that whitey should pay for the sins of our forefathers, most of whom never owned a slave or even approved of that institution, is abhorrent. When will the Statute of Limitations be up on Slavery?

Ironically, our Founders specifically sought a system of government that DID NOT punish children for parents’ failures. It would be an interesting study to see how many of these agitators come from the same gene pool as black slaveowners. Just sayin’…

And the English Books…


From Instagram User, nakaylayvonne:

So I attend Lipscomb university and as most of you know that is a predominately white school. Tonight AFRICAN AMERICAN students were invited to have dinner with the president of the school. As we arrived to the president's home and proceeded to go in we seen cotton as the center pieces. We also stood and ate dinner, there were no seats to sit in and it felt very uncomfortable. We were very offended, and also the meals that were provided resembled many "black meals" they had mac n cheese, collard greens, corn bread etc. The night before Latinos also had dinner at his house and they had tacos. They also DIDN'T have the center piece that we HAD tonight. A couple of minutes went by, the president was coming around and asking for our names and what our major was. He finally got to our table and my friend @kay_cyann asked why there was cotton on the table as the center piece. His response was that he didn't know, he seen it before we did, he kind of thought it was " fallish", THEN he said " it ISNT INHERENTLY BAD IF WERE ALL WEARING IT " then walked off. Later on all of us that were there were invited into the home, and we had the impression that we were coming to speak about how us as Black people feel about Lipscomb. The whole entire time we were in their home they only talked about themselves( how they met, got married and ended up at lipscomb) & the ONLY question that we were asked was our transformation coming to lipscomb. A couple of women answered the question but they sugar coated it. They said any other questions that we may have can be emailed to the advocate for the Latinos and that a second meeting may be held. Also we don't have an advocate on campus, the only African American advocate we had, no longer works here. The only advocate available to us is the advocate for the Latinos. They claim to have funding for minorities, BUT you have to live up to the expectations of a typical Black family to even get the 1000$.There is NO FUNDING for just us black students. #share


For all the outright bitching by this college student on Social Media, what really stands out is her terrible command of the English language. I know many people, especially kids, who think grammar and punctuation aren’t necessary online, but her post is a hot mess. How did she get accepted to college? She’s got way more to worry about than “black” meals and decorative cotton.

It’s called “Southern Cuisine,” Yo…


I know the “I’m-a-victim-and-it’s-all-your-fault” line of thinking is in vogue among ivory-tower academics, Hollywood celebrities, and a host of guilt-ridden liberals who wouldn’t know hardship if it smacked them upside the head. Unfortunately, these kids have been brought up in a world which has beaten that message into them. It’s terribly sad that their takeaway from the dinner at President Dr. L. Randolph Lowry III’s home is overwhelmingly negative when it’s quite obvious the University President was reaching out to them.

When Life Gives You Lemons…


Life, and people, rarely meet expectations. I’d like to share a little pearl of wisdom I’ve learned: Nobody can climb into another's head and then behave exactly the way that person expects. We try to do our best, but still, we may disappoint. At these times, I push my expectations away and find the inherent blessings. There are always blessings, though you may have to look for them.

Let’s take the dinner, for instance. It’s most unusual for a college president to invite students for dinner, and at his home, no less. Clearly, he and his wife made the effort, intending to help them feel welcome with a casual get together, and food they thought the kids would appreciate.

Then the couple shared “their story” with the guests, attempting to speak to them as adults and break the ice. It’s always good form to share something from your life, before asking another about theirs.

Sadly, these days, most people find they’re offended a lot of the time. I’m offended by these stories, and that I have to get down in the muck with this absurd business. “Put on your big boy pants,” I say, “and for God’s sake, pull them up!”

Change Your Attitude To Gratitude; Feed Your Soul.


Dr. L. Randolph Lowry III should not have apologized to the students; it’s the kids who should apologize for their rotten, entitled attitude. Respect for one's elders used to be common practice among both black and white. Everyone’s walking on eggshells around black people, afraid to become tarred by an accusation of “racism.” Tragically, racism will never end if the Black Community continues to perpetuate this injustice over and over. Instead, it will destroy the country from within.

Life isn’t fair. If they want to spend their time being miserable malcontents, I’ll not stand in their way, but they should realize it’s counterproductive. Folk just aren’t drawn to downers, they instead seek inspiration.

Of course, Black Lives Matter, but we’re too busy being sidelined with the horror of decorative cotton to accomplish something truly worthwhile that will change lives.

History can’t change, but it can teach.


Slavery was an absolute, irrefutable, outrageous scourge on humanity. We all agree on this, with the exception of a handful of wrongheaded idiots that nobody else likes or wants. It can’t be set right. All we can do is acknowledge it happened, and move on.

Liberals try to repay the debt through Affirmative Action and other programs. Apparently, they think black folks are inherently stupid and can’t achieve goals without government assistance. It’s a terrible message to send children. Conservatives believe preferential treatment is an egregious insult to the Black Community.

There are so many very successful Black Americans across the country, true role models. If we constantly look back, trying to assign blame for the past, we’ll miss what’s right in front of us. Even worse, we’ll fail to look forward, and reach goals for our futures.

Written by Julie Custer

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