Lanterns: Left to Right: A Fundamental Transformation - A Bill, Long Overdue


Left to Right: A Fundamental Transformation - A Bill, Long Overdue

Left to Right: A Fundamental Transformation - A Bill, Long Overdue

Slick Willie: Triangulation, Transgression and Truth
A Conservative Dialectic

By John Frost

If nothing else, Willie was slick, wearing shades and burstin’ onto the stage, tootin’ his own horn.

Ever since my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
down at the end of lonely street at Heartbreak Hotel


                                                                                 Finding a new place to dwell - The White House

Cool Breeze had nothing on this honky cat. Dude up and blows into office like nobody’s business. Far out... One of my own, a peer, was holding the edge of the Resolute Desk that shortly, from under, a job or two would be created.

The war dividend was howlin' peace, cocaine was cruisin' along and the economy, like a bee was busy buzzin'. Everything was sailing-smooth, Daddy-O and things were just humming.
Or so it seemed.

After a year’s time spent listening to Clintonista, James Carville - the Ragin' Cajun bellow over and over, "'s the economy, stupid,” I was literally shocked -- stunned-stupid to hear that it wasn't. This change in me went unnoticed and I felt no detrimental effects from this stupidity that I couldn’t simply ignore.

                                                                                  Whadda you mean it's NOT the economy?

I got this feeling anymore...
We have a problem and I’m reminded of rocketry troubles from a distant past as unsettlement enters my psyche... I was totally unprepared for the physical beating I was about to deliver myself; a message that - The Gays are missing out.

And I had no idea -
Our mutha-lovin brutha-humpa's are being denied the opportunity to serve their country. The fact that right then, at that planetary instant, we had whirled peas and a lessened need for increasing our Army, was weird. But this mattered naught. The lingo of my youth re-flourished and it was cool. We were brothers, standing as one against the United States Army.

We weren’t worried. We had insanity and drugs binding us into as closely a knit, package possible and our guaranteed failure (a condition I was to find inherent to all Leftist policy) was thus: successfully ignored.

                                                                                                                   Nuff Said

Strange words, I thought to be hollerin'... as we were singing; Let's get together and be alright... 
“RISE and UNITE.” We probably sounded as gay as “we” “were” and I missed this in its entirety for a week. Unnoticed, I slipped away, back into the night... I imagine I looked pretty stupid saying these stupid things, in a public I was stupidly out of place, in… as long as they didn’t think I was gay.
I guess I wasn’t as liberal as I thought - or wanted to be.

Of course it's been another 20 years and things seem to happen in 20 year spurts… Still, it’s hard to believe - now, how stupid I am, then.

                                                                                                      Feigned Innocence For All

The crazy-talk hollered on the streets was markedly similar in nature to the sounds coming out of the innocuous, UN building. The gays and the global elite, speak seemingly as one with the grayed hippies.

People were raking in the cash, hand over fist and the gays were unhappy?
Well, we certainly can’t have unhappy gays, it just wouldn’t seem right -- with their access to a bloody death, only somewhat denied through the United States Army’s position -- One held with the intent to keep our answer to external conflict and disharmony free from internal conflicts and disharmony in maintaining its ability and efficiency to create -- conflict and disharmony at will…
-- And at a level of brutality beyond all others –

                                                                                                            Hand Over Fist

I’m feelin’ a little lost... It all just seems out of place... Kill or be killed is the reality of global combat and that reality cares little to nothing for happiness anywhere. That reality must change and adapt to our desires for happiness and our gay pursuits.


And the whole of the world, revolved around a thriving, robust United States. Her streets and cities drunk with the unknown sounds and scents of distant lands, filling the air and finding a place. Orientals, and Africans, South Americans; everyone, it seemed was enjoying the fruits of our peaceful end to a forgotten age and a cold war.

And I feel so lonely, baby - I feel so lonely...

The climate just up and changed. People, I figured, must have decided that enough was enough. The zeitgeist, the pulse of the nation, feels down... like an old battery, beginning to feel the effects of daily thrusts of renewing energy being forced down it's throat... America, it seemed was tired of being happy. America, instead of receiving her dosage of positive push, was now being told that things could, once again be better.

Mother Earth had a virus -- One without the vir... US.

With or without you
We were slaughtering the planet, wholesale - one whale - one tree - one man-eating polar bear at a time. We had mere weeks to save our 4-1/2 billion year-old planet if we wanted to live. I think they were getting close to complete human alignment, globally toward addressing this doom - felt and shoved in all our faces when, suddenly out of the clear-blue, sky we were destroying... of all places; the Chinese, of all people decide to do something for some reason. They sway our elections and buy our secrets. The religious few among them are passing bribes to incur political favor...What's this unheard of, radical behavior all about?

The Chinese have always keep to themselves as they starved to death when we chose not to clean our plates. It’s madness… Madness, I say

Speaking of madness

I hardly notice... Arizona's Wildcats have won the NCAA National Championship and there is a riot scheduled in celebration. 

Bear Down, Red and Blue.

                                                                                                                  Bear Down

Back to Yellow

They're seizing in the most Capitalistic of ways, anything and everything, nailed down or not and we the people are ungh... The Chinese have been acting strange for over 3000 years and this blip too... shall pass.

Stocks, of the upcoming Age of Information soar through the roof, housing is readily available and affordable, and the military is productively engaged, in an honest "action"... in Bosnia... wherever that is.

When I hear the word Bosnia, for some reason, I see a mental image of - I think Milton Berle: Somebody with a nose that looks like Bosnia sounds, anyways.


Back to Blue

I remember sitting, thoroughly distracted from something by something else, when I am distracted back by some "breaking news" emitting from the television that I think - I might have forgotten I had...

The President turns toward the camera and looks squarely into the lens -- Straight into a focused state I rarely held and straight into the psyche of a united, somewhat happy, if not satisfied people... and opens his mouth to all 300 million of them. Somewhere between his first and second sentences, his pants spontaneously ignite and burst into flame, knocking me out of my chair and scorching all memory of this episode from my mind.

I remember being distracted, but soon – I forget…

                                                                            That depends on what you mean by, "I did not."

Willie attempts to triangulate out of this one. He bobs left - jives right; he is well prepped and fully-functioned... He begins to weave -- "As it stands, it is what it is, as I see it."

Or something like that… Close attention, I couldn’t afford and I was probably doing something else at the time, but --

His masterful triangulation is countered -- with a blue dress...

And this I do remember - checkmate.

I feel so lonely - I could cry...


Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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