Lanterns: Nationalism is not Isolationism


Nationalism is not Isolationism

The voices of the innocent cry out for justice from the blood-soaked ground of our wilting planet. It has done so, from the time of Abel. You can be sure that no human, or superhuman agency, shall ever be able to conceal from the Holy One their wicked deeds, no matter how covertly cloaked in the darkness created by their smokescreens. Justice shall one day be concluded. All inequities shall be brought to light and remanded. Of this you can be sure; we reap what we sow.

The insolent and impenitent voice of Cain callously echoes throughout all generations, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” With hardened hearts and insensitive disregard for the sanctity of human life, the “Cains” of this world defiantly brutalize their brothers for selfish gain. So so, perfectly aligned with this demonically inspired and ancient human sentiment first expressed by the very first human being born on our planet, Cain, are those who seek to victimize others for their selfish political agenda.

Today, we are faced with two globalist groups seeking to destroy the national distinctions ordained by God for their selfish political and financial gain. From the East, we have the globalist agenda of radical Islam, and from the West, we have the globalist agenda of the international financiers.

Our responsibility, as Christians and Jews is to affect change toward righteousness and justice within each of the nations in which God in His providence has placed us. Therefore, our role is to help nations fulfill their God-given responsibility to protect the God-given, basic rights of each of their citizens.

We must have the courage to stand against those who oppress our brothers in every part of the world. We cannot turn a blind eye to a brother that is being oppressed, without knowing that it will come back to haunt us some day. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses taught us that we are our brother’s keeper!

As a nation and as individuals, we have a global responsibility to oppose tyranny and the heartless abuse of our brothers and sisters everywhere by any moral means possible. If we continue to show economic partiality to the wicked rulers of tyrannical nations, at the expense of the subjugation and suffering of their oppressed and afflicted citizens, then God shall surely judge us.

“God takes His stand in His own congregation; He judges in the midst of the rulers. How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked?

Defend the weak and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalms 82:1-4) (Emphasis mine)

There are two major reasons for this travesty. The first is greed. The first is also the reason for the second. The second is an underlying globalist agenda, which advances in two fronts: The first seeks to align the nations of the world in a single financial system that shall facilitate the establishment of a single political system. The second seeks to militarily conquer all nations and force upon them by the edge of the Sword their Shari’a Law.

Christians and Jews must be wary of any who espouse a globalist ideology that rebels against the order ordained by God, since the Tower of Babel. The subjugation of our Constitution to a higher global government is indeed a dangerous gamble. It shall not affect the peace they promise, through their globalist propaganda, whether it is from a supercapitalism agenda, or a collectivist agenda, or the Jihadist agenda.

At the same time, we must be careful not to revert to the isolationist notion that leads to a selfish and narcissistic form of provincialism. God has called us to be separate, in our behavior and actions, but not to be isolationists. We should advocate global consciousness, without destroying national distinctiveness.

We are to be in the world but not of the world. Isolationism is a morally indefensible posture in the light of our common heritage, for all of mankind springs forth from the same parents at least ten times. All of us have in common the very same forefathers from Adam to Noah. From a physical perspective, we are all one family.

Our Judeo-Christian worldview demands of us a much higher regard for true global consciousness, than that of the globalists, with a naturalistic presupposition. We are our brother’s keeper, and are, therefore, responsible for the welfare of all of humanity. Strangers are, after all, just family we have yet to get to know.

We are to be the champions of justice, equality, and freedom, throughout our entire human family. These are God-given rights to every single member of mankind, and our human governments have been charged with the specific task of securing these and administering justice.

For this reason, no nation is an island unto itself. We are members of a greater family and ought to establish proper relationships with these nations; providing assistance when it is requested, and insuring mutual defense. However, our national distinctiveness should not be sacrificed. This is nothing more than the logical extension of our relationship as individuals to one another. We should not sacrifice our individual distinctiveness, as championed by the collectivist dogma, but rather establish unity while securing and protecting our individuality- unity in the midst of diversity.

We must not fail to understand that in order to accomplish this, power should be kept as decentralized, as possible, to maintain and secure our God-given rights and freedoms. The further the seat of power rests from the citizen the more apt they are to abuse their power and the less able we are to prevent it.

There is no foolproof system of government because in every system there is the human component. As a result of our fallen nature, power inevitably corrupts any man made system. Invariably, every great nation throughout every generation has gone through a similar process from its birth to its golden age, and then to its deterioration and demise.

We can observe this in the history of Israel, as they struggled from the slavery and bondage in Egypt to cross the River Jordan and become the nation of Israel. Additionally, we can observe their disintegration, until they were dispossessed of their land, and disbanded, as a nation. However, this applies to every single Gentile empire that has risen and fallen, without exception.

It has been noted by others that there seems to be a pattern, which is repeated over and over again in every human civilization, as they move from slavery to liberty, and then back to slavery.

  1. The period of slavery or bondage.
  2. The period of the awakening of the need to take action.
  3. The period of the attainment of faith in the justice of the fight.
  4. The period of the attainment of the courage to battle for liberty.
  5. The period of the joy of the attainment of liberty.
  6. The period of thankfulness for the blessing.
  7. The period of abundance.
  8. The period of complacency.
  9. The period of apathy.
  10. The period of decadence.
  11. The period of lawlessness.
  12. The period of tyranny and the return to slavery.

This historical process is not cyclical as some have stated, but rather it is in the form of a wave, because time had a beginning (an Alpha Point) and marches forward toward a conclusion (The Omega Point) at the consummation of the ages.

It is our human nature, which fouls every human institution in time. Our forefathers understood this explicitly. Moreover, our great nation was designed with every possible check to our human nature that they could think of, not only to ensure as much as humanly possible a just form of government but to safeguard the future from the rise of tyranny.

For this reason, the American experiment attempted to provide a check and balance system, which our founding forefathers hoped would arrest this inevitable corruption by thwarting the singular control of power through the separation of governmental controls into three separate branches.

These are the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of our government. Even Congress was split into two houses that would provide representation for the wealthy landowners, through the Senate and the working middle class and the poor through the House of Representatives. It was also designed to keep the larger more populous states to rule over the less populous and smaller states.

These mechanisms have worked to one degree or another, but what the forefathers could not design was the moral fiber of later generations. The ancient cosmic battle between good and evil rages in every generation, and in every nation within the breast of every human being.  Our choices have consequences, not only for the individual but also for the collective of our culture. Like endless ripples from a stone crashing through the surface of a still pond, our immoral actions influence others and eventually result in lawlessness.

Today, we find our western culture in the tenth step and rapidly closing in on the eleventh. There is no time for vacillation. We must act in a concerted effort to reverse this trend, or we shall soon find that it will be too late.

For these many reasons, our forefathers sought to keep power decentralized as much as possible. As a matter of fact, most early Americans favored an isolationist policy, which tried to keep us from being entangled in the affairs of the European nations. Although I certainly understand the wisdom in that, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, we must consider that we are our brother’s keeper and we do have a social responsibility to our human brothers globally. Had we not stepped into the fray the Nazi super-nationalist agenda would have succeeded, and our liberties would have been sacrificed.

Most wars fought by humanity are senseless wars borne from greed. World War I was certainly such a senseless and needless catastrophe. But when madmen bent on global dominance rise in our world to power, those who stand for liberty must rise in opposition. Such was WWII. There are times when we must defend our liberties and keep those with globalist/colonialist ambitions from realizing their selfish dreams.

But, our global responsibility does not entail the dissolution of nations in order to form a global government. We must be careful here to not fall victims to the globalist agenda and run off the other side of the cliff. Both extremes are equally disastrous.


Written by Henry Patino

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