Lanterns: Vintage Retirement Communities The Future?


Vintage Retirement Communities The Future?

Now that I am nearing retirement age, I am looking at different options. What I am finding are these fancy, high-priced, fenced in areas with all the amenities one can hope for. These little areas are too sanitary, expensive, and way too modern for me. There is also an extra charge in many cases to have a pet. Really? Pets commit less crime and property damage than people.

The past couple of months I have been driving through tiny farm towns. Many of these towns seem to be economically depressed. When I've stopped and visited them, I find their demographics are either people of older ages who will be gone in 10 years, or they are being filled with people of low income because it's cheap to live there, in spite of the few economic opportunities that exist.

As I drive, I look at the beauty of the Victorian homes, the pure, untouched nature of the rolling green land with lakes and streams laying peacefully, awaiting a fisherperson to come by...and wonder why are these areas forgotten?

They are not convenient to modern society and are not sterile. Who wouldn't trade the honking of horns, people getting robbed, stolen cars, blaring sirens at all hours of the night for a place that's like a slice of Heaven?

I think to myself, if I had the money, I would buy up everything for sale in a whole town and develop it to be a retirement community.

For a mere pittance of the cost of a single home in Evanston, Wilmette, or any other suburb of Chicago, or any other major city in the United States, a bunch of homes can be bought.

I was flabbergasted to find through research, the owner of my building bought three multi rental unit/storefront buildings in the downtown area of Tiny Town, USA, and five rental units for just under $50,000...all on tax liens and foreclosure sales.

If a bunch of investors got together and created a plan, they could create a beautiful vintage retirement community that I would move to in an instant.

That is, if I could have a dog for no extra charge.

Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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