Lanterns: The Attack from Within


The Attack from Within


It is becoming abundantly clear to me that forces high up within the intelligence community, which are supposed to be independent of any political agenda were complicit in:

  1. The unlawful politicization of the intelligence agencies in illegally spying on US citizens for the purpose of moving forward the Progressivism agenda during the Obama administration by derailing his political opponents.
  2. The refusal of former Director Comey to investigate and plug the leaks within his department, quite likely because of his complicity in the matter.
  3. The unlawful unmasking of the members of Trump's team that were deliberately and not accidentally spied upon.
  4. The refusal to indict Hillary Clinton for her crimes.
  5. The refusal to investigate the Clinton Foundation and the abuse of power exerted by Hillary for personal gain.
  6. The unlawful and deliberate spying on Rand Paul and another fellow Senator, whose name he did not disclose, which according to his statement was also a candidate in the Presidential election last year.
  7. The continuous drip of leaked Top Secret information for the purpose of destroying the character and integrity of President Trump.
  8. The audacious attempt to undermine our Constitutional system by dethroning the President that “we the people” voted into office.

Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined that this great nation, where the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people would be so riddled with bureaucrat puppets of the financial elite that they could with such audacity attempt a slow motion coup de tat to remove an elected President from power. For any with open eyes the fact that a deep state or shadow state exists behind the scenes to manipulate our nation's future regardless of the wishes of “we the people” can no longer be considered some right wing conspiracy theory.

The relentless abuse of the mass media to fabricate lies and innuendo based on “anonymous sources” is beyond the pale and magnificently orchestrated for maximum effect. This is no accident. It is a well planned and executed attack on our Constitutional system.

What is next if they fail? Will there be another assassination attempt by some supposedly mentally disturbed person? In my lifetime there have been four; John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ronald Reagan. Only Reagan miraculously survived by the skin of his teeth. He set back their progressivism/globalism agenda by 30 years. The setback that Trump will cause them is on par with Reagan. What will they do? What will we do?

Written by Henry Patino

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