Lanterns: This Day in History - January 13


This Day in History - January 13

January 13

1128 – Pope Honorius II grants a papal sanction to the military order Knights Templar, declaring it to be an army of God

1397 – John of Gaunt marries Katherine Rouet

1776 – British forces raid Prudence Island, Rhode Island in an effort to steal sheep but were ambushed by Minutemen from Rhode Island’s Second Company

1785 – John Walter publishes the first issue of “The Times” of London

1807 – Union General Napoleon Bonaparte Buford is born

1808 – US Treasury Secretary, sixth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Salmon P. Chase, is born

1832 – American children’s author, Horatio Alger, Jr. is born

1842 – The lone survivor of a 16,000-strong Anglo-Indian expeditionary force that was slaughtered in its retreat from Kabul, Dr. William Bryden, reaches the British sentry post in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

1846 – President James Polk sends General Zachary Taylor and 4,000 troops to the Texas border in preparation for war with Mexico

1862 – President Lincoln names Edwin Stanton Secretary of War

1864 – America’s first professional songwriter, Stephen Foster, dies

1887 – Armenian mystic, George Gurdjieff is born

1888 – The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, DC

1898 – French writer Emile Zola’s controversial newspaper editorial, “J’accuse,” is printed, exposing a military cover-up concerning Captain Alfred Dreyfus

1900 – To combat Czech nationalism, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary declares German to be the official language of the Imperial Army

1906 – Telco makes the first ever advertisement for a radio set

1915 – The worst earthquake in Italian history occurs killing 30,000 in the town of Avezzano

1916 – British forces attack Turkish defensive positions on the banks of the Wadi River in the Battle of Wadi

1919 – California votes to ratify the prohibition amendment

1919 – Actor Robert Stack is born

1923 – 5,000 stormtroopers demonstrate in Germany, and Hitler denounces the Weimar Republic

1926 – Author Michael Bond is born

1927 – A woman takes a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, breaking the all-male tradition

1929 – Jazz guitarist, Joe Pass is born

1929 – Lawman Wyatt Earp dies

1931 – The George Washington Memorial Bridge that connects New York and New Jersey is named

1937 – The US bars Americans from serving in the Civil War in Spain

1939 – Arthur “Doc” Barker is killed trying to escape from Alcatraz Prison

1941 – Irish author, James Joyce dies

1942 – Representatives of nine German-occupied countries meet in London to declare the prosecution of war criminals

1943 – General Leclerc’s Free French forces merge with Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery’s British forces in Libya

1944 – In an air attack in Germany, plants are destroyed, and 64 US aircraft are lost

1945 – The Red Army begins an offensive in South Poland

1947 – British troops replace striking truck drivers

1950 – The Soviet Union boycotts UN Security Council meetings

1955 – Chase National and the Bank of Manhattan agree to merge, creating the second largest US bank

1958 – Peter Manuel is arrested in Glasgow, Scotland for a series of burglaries turned sexual assaults and murders, even murdering an entire family. He was convicted and hanged in July of 1958

1961 – Actress and producer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is born

1962 – Comedian Ernie Kovacs is killed in a car wreck

1962 – The first Operation Farm Gate mission is flown when T-28 fighter-bombers support a South Vietnamese outpost under attack from the Viet Cong

1964 – English comedian, actor, singer and guitarist Bill Bailey is born

1965 – Two US planes are shot down in Laos while on a combat mission

1966 – President Lyndon Johnson appoints the first black cabinet member, Robert Weaver, as the head of the Department of Housing

1968 – US reports shifting most air targets from North Vietnam to Laos

1968 – Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom State Prison

1969 – Scottish snooker player, Stephen Hendry is born

1970 – Italian cyclist, Marco Pantani is born

1972 – President Richard Nixon announces that 70,000 US troops will withdraw from South Vietnam over the next three months

1976 – In dispute over the Falkland Islands, Argentina outs a British envoy

1978 – American journalist, statistician, and developer of PECOTA, Nate Silver is born

1978 – 38th Vice President of the US, Hubert Humphrey dies

1980 – The US offers Pakistan a two-year plan to counter the Soviet threat in Afghanistan

1982 – Air Florida Flight 90 Boeing 737 crashes into the 14th Street Bridge in Washington, D.C., shortly after takeoff and then falls into the Potomac River killing 78 people including four motorists

1990 – Virginia’s Douglas Wilder, the first black elected governor of a US state, takes office

1999 – NBA superstar Michael Jordan retires for the second time

2000 – Bill Gates steps down as CEO of Microsoft

2001 – Nearly1,000 are killed in an earthquake in El Salvador

2004 – Joseph Darby, a US soldier at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, reports US abuses of Iraqi prisoners to the Army’s Criminal Investigations Division

2007 – American saxophonist and composer Michael Brecker dies

2008 – The Golden Globes were canceled due to striking writers and actors who threatened to boycott as a gesture of support for the Writers Guild of America

2012 – The cruise ship Costa Concordia sinks and kills 32

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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