Lanterns: Let Them Eat Ice Cream!


Let Them Eat Ice Cream!

I wasn’t the only one to notice the stark similarity of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s smiling response to the stimulus package that is still being held up by her party while she enjoys gourmet ice cream.


Clearly, like Marie Antoinette, Ms. Pelosi has no regard for the common people, including those who placed her in office. We must agree that the 22 million applying for unemployment represent all political parties, races, religions, and financial levels: except politicians. Therefore, it is ludicrous for politicians to have the final say on how we can survive this lock down in the face of bankruptcy and eventual starvation. Truly, as President Trump feared, the consequences of the remedy have exceeded the original pandemic.

In previous articles on, I referred to Nancy Pelosi as an enemy of the state after she proved that she has no problem with using delay as a political vise on our society and our civilization. At that time, she had stopped the vote for providing medical care for babies who have survived abortion over 80 times! In fact, as of this date, the bill has still not become law.

Now, we are suffering not only the affects of a deadly virus, Covid-19, we are facing the total collapse of our economy while Ms. Pelosi enjoys her chocolate. In 2018, the democratic party had distanced themselves from her; now they need to impeach her. (She does love that word after all!) In the meantime, please join us in calling for her expulsion. I would hope that we will see at least 22 million signatures on this petition by the end of the week whether or not she actually heads for Washington DC to finally perform her duties. She is no friend to America and must be silenced. First, she hated the baby in the womb, then she ignored the child who survived an abortion, and now she is ignoring the crisis of the American worker during a pandemic. When is enough ENOUGH?

Written by Christine Hammett

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