Lanterns: Party over Principles


Party over Principles

In the world of politics partisanship means more than policy.

Let that sink in for a minute. It is more important that you are loyal to your party than to your principles or constituents. I aspire to do great works despite this fact.

My adult career has been predicated by the fact that within each company or department I could find that one person who wanted the mission successful and worked hard to that end. This person became my “go to” contact in their area of expertise. I cultivated these relationships with respect and appreciation. It was often a surprise to others (not me) how I could get seemingly impossible tasks completed in quick order. To me the principle of choosing to work with those who share a team attitude and take pride in their work to a successful end is common sense. The path of least resistance if you will.

My career in corporate America was rooted deep in accounting and finance. I have always been responsible for the money. Sometimes it was corporate profits I was safe guarding and sometimes it was tax money or donations. The commonality is I have always been cognizant of the bottom line and how and where dollars were being spent.

One might not think my back ground was the clearest path for public service. Some might say where I am is an unlikely outcome. I submit that my experiences have me right where I was meant to be. My resume lends perfectly to team work, relationship building and protecting the bottom line.

What if those willing to work hard have a D next to their name? What if those not willing to work have a R next to their name? In the current climate of county politics, I am supposed to do nothing. I am counseled to go with the flow. I was never good at going with the flow.

So, I am reaching out. I am initiating conversations with unlikely teammates. Testing the waters to see who works hard and who exclusively tows the party line. It is scary waters for me. I spend a great deal of time in prayer. I keep repeating to myself his will not mine. If you get a minute today, pray for those connections I need to get work done.

Written by Christine Barnes

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