Lanterns: #RIPGOP Now What?


#RIPGOP Now What?

There have been times in recent history where the death of the Republican party was forecasted, predicted, reported and celebrated. The GOP, however, continued to take another breath. The Tea Party rose up spontaneously 9 years ago, threatening to reform and bring back the Republican party to its limited government, fiscally responsible, free market, constitutional roots bringing about the death of Republican status quo. The GOP, however, continued to take another breath. The establishment, beltway Republicans, have continued to slide the party further and further to the left, abandoning its base and demonizing its social conservative, religious zealots; clinging to their bibles and guns. Christian and social conservatives declared that if they left, it would be the death of the Republican party. The GOP, however, continued to take another breath. In fact they have taken a huge breath into their political lungs and lurched left with the nominating of Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

Reflecting back on the work I did as a founding member of the Tea Party movement in America, I fear that the frustration and anger that I so often highlighted within the American electorate with the hopes of inciting a sort of righteous anger that would motivate and inspire Americans of all stripes to re-education themselves, their families, their friends and anyone in their circles of influence, now appears to have only pushed people further away from the mooring of our constitutional founding, frustrated them with the tediousness of the founding processes of government, created an impatience for real change and ultimately an abandonment of the very principles that can save our Republic both now and for future generations. I believe that many of us have benefited greatly from the organic nature and genuine purpose of the movement but there can be no doubt that there were powers at work who were actively co-opting the movement from the beginning to bypass and overtake the very establishment leaders that have now embraced and nominated Donald Trump. There was from the beginning a repudiation on the part of many Tea Party “leaders” for the inclusion of “social issues” as topics for inclusion within the movement. Staying away from issues of morality were obvious signs of immorality. We were kicked out of groups, maligned by others and spoken harshly of by people within the movement because we warned of what would happen if we continued down the path of making reforms without discussing the reasons behind good fiscal decisions, the need for limited government and the justice of free market ideas and policies for all. We had the record of the American Revolution and the French Revolution to know what the outcome would be. History has once again repeated itself.

<p>The establishment leadership of the Republican party have for 30 plus years done their best to drag the rest of the party, kicking and screaming, to the left; seeking to reach across the isle, compromise, deal make and accept Marxist ideas, liberal ideology and progressive policies, while simultaneously condemning and demonizing conservative ideas, Judeo-Christian ideology and liberty minded policies that truly are bold contrasting colors instead of the pale pastels that can never distinguish themselves from those offered by the Left. Every major Republican candidate that has principly stood for constitutionally conservative principles has been the outsider in his or her own party. Most Republican candidates campaign vigorously on conservative rhetoric, only to get to Washington and govern like the the leadership demands. It is only after kowtowing to the demands of the establishment leadership that these once outsiders are welcomed into the “club” and given a seat at the “adult table” of the party, instead of sitting at the “kids table” where no power, finances or support exist purposely to keep these once principled men and women from having any influence on the direction of the party.

The Republican National Convention is over and much has happened that may be irreparable. The now de facto leader of the party has put forth policy ideas like affordable childcare provided by the government, law enforcement promises that the office he’s seeking, cannot be made good, hubris that somehow he alone can fix the problems of America, as though he’s a tech support expert on the other end of an 800 number or worse, that with him, “all things will be possible again”. He has abandoned the values of Christians by elevating himself as the one to depend on and the one to put our trust in, while simultaneously accepting LGBTQ issues as valid, giving their issues recognition, while knowing that bathrooms and showers are distractions. This didn’t prevent him from admonishing the delegates on the floor of the convention, as though the stereotype of Republicans is somehow true and to his surprise, his LGBTQ comments were accepted, all to rousing cheers. He has transformed the party of limited government, Judeo-Christian values and constitutional conservatism into one of a secular, Marxist, nationalist, big government. The Republican party, that has vilified thin skinned, arrogant, elitist, establishment types has now full throatedly embraced the guy who funded and donated to these same once vilified politicians and even chuckled at the idea that “if anyone understands how the system works, it's me”, admitting that he used the very corruption that he now rails against and Republicans once opposed. Republicans and conservative media types have beat up President Obama and Sec Hillary Clinton for their incompetence, arrogance, lack of humility, lack of government experience and elitist ties to the inside the beltway special interests. At this convention, Republicans made the openly Democratic Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, a victim and begged sympathy for the man who rejects the founding of the country and the principles that have made our nation great. They made “the most articulate conservative candidate for President of the United States since Ronald Reagan”, according to Rush Limbaugh, the villain of the convention because he called for voters at home to come out and vote their consciouses, not unlike that of what Ivanka Trump does when she admitted to not being a Republican, at the Republican National Convention, and voting the way “she feels is right for herself and for the country”. In Donald Trump, they have nominated an inexperienced, incompetent, arrogant, poor charactered, billionaire who funds other elitists and special interest groups unapologetically and unrepentantly.

Every Christian who has embraced Donald Trump, ignoring the plethora of character faults ranging from poor financial stewardship, support for the killing of the unborn, serial philandering, unfaithfulness to his wives, absenteeism to his children and out and out greed and love of money, will never be able to shake the stigma of Trump. They will never be able to justify their support for a man who says that he has “never asked anyone for forgiveness”, including God Himself. The searing of their own consciouses will be forever self-evident by their lack of humility, repentance and pride that will only cause them to become more like Trump and less like Christ. They can never again complain about a lack of “good” Christian conservative candidates or candidates that don’t require a holding of one’s nose when pulling the lever for them. They have abandoned any and all biblical principles and virtues, tossing aside the only lens and filter by which to judge the man or woman that will ultimately earn their vote. They cannot, without a full repentance and admission of guilt, claim the principles and virtues of Christian citizenship or constitutional conservatism because of their unwise, pragmatic, carnal and unconscionable support for Donald Trump.

Every so-called conservative who has embraced Donald Trump, ignoring the lifelong public record of leftist, liberal-progressive beliefs, spoken open and honestly during a lifetime of funding, supporting and giving to politicians and special interests that have worked earnestly against everything that conservatives, conservative groups and conservative politicians have put blood, sweat, tears and treasure into as to prevent Marxist, communist and/or socialistic policies and ideas from becoming transformative policies in America, are now found to have zero intellectual integrity and honesty due to their support for Donald Trump. Only an admission of ignorance, concerning the founding and tenets of conservatism, can even begin to salvage their conservative bona fides. These people should be marked and publically called out and we should never forget who they are but more importantly, what they did, when they threw in for Donald Trump, a leftist fraud.

All of the conservative media and alternate media that got behind Donald Trump, did so while building a brand that considered the media to be untrusting, biased, slanted and a group who prostitutes itself for it’s own self-serving purposes, seeking to preserve and make space for itself within the decision making class of our oligarchical elites. The press is the only business that the founders saw fit to constitutionally protect because they understood the importance of a watchdog that government couldn’t shut down, couldn’t intimidate and was needed to hold government accountable to the people, the rightful holder of all sovereignty given to government. Conservative media prided itself on this understanding. Conservative media built itself on the idea of being unlike the whores of the mainstream media; being the standard bearers of the original ideas of the framers of the constitution. When they supported Donald Trump openly, they abandoned their once stallworth positions to lick the boots of a European Right Wing Nationalistic strongman in hopes that he, being their guy, will punch and punish the very people that have abhorred their very existence within the media, the very premise for their presence within the press in the first place. You cannot argue against Obama for almost 8 years and simultaneously embrace a candidate who is the very embodiment of Barack Obama plus a whole host of unsavory characteristics on top and think that you will ever again have the kind of credibility that you forfeited when you chose to set integrity aside for a little political expediency. You cannot serve two masters; you will hate one and love the other. Conservative media’s support for Donald Trump is trading principles for a personality; principles for a persona. They can never regain their credibility in the public square. They have become everything that the Left has always said about them.

Everyone thought that Obama’s transformation of America would come by might or policy or force. His transformation of America is almost complete and the greatest transformation has happened with 3 out of 4 Republicans thinking that what they witnessed this past week is a wonderful, energetic and positive thing for the party. A viable third party is decades away from being an option in our political system and it looks more and more impossible considering there are few voices like mine, crying out, appealing to the hearts of minds of fellow Americans. Unprincipled Republicans have pushed “all-in” on Donald Trump, beating on his self-serving, genetically predispositioned ego as their hope for a better future. As they chanted “YES YOU WILL!” over and over and over at the convention, I could only think that the butt of so many jokes during the ‘08 and ‘12 election cycles, the campaigns of “YES WE CAN!”, had come home to roost. Many more will bow the knee to “King Trump” before November. Will it be enough? I don’t know. If it is, will it even matter? I don’t know that either. At this point, I don’t know how America ever recovers from this election cycle and where people like me go from this point forward. The wake that was held in Cleveland for the Republican party will be viewed as one of the greatest events in the loss of freedom for humanity and the greatest memorial to an organization that was founded on freedom for all, the abolition of slavery and a stark opposition to the party of slavery, secession, segregation and socialism. RIP GOP. Too bad you’ve put your faith in Trump and not in the only hope for resurrection, the Creator and endower of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.










Written by Trey Roberts

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