Lanterns: Are Millenneals Starting To Recognize The Big Blue Lie?


Are Millenneals Starting To Recognize The Big Blue Lie?

We have all heard the jokes, we have all seen the memes, and we have all watched the videos of clueless millennials on the streets answering questions that embarrass themselves.
I would imagine that living in small town USA has at least something to do with the fact that I rarely encounter these kind of millennials. Because of the age difference (in my 50's) most of the millennials I know, I know from work, and for the most part I have nothing bad to say about them. However, most of them cannot keep up with me and they think they know a whole lot more than they actually do. Of course those are things that get ironed out with experience so its just a matter of time.
One of the main things I have learned from the majority of millennials who are working class blue collar men and women like myself, is that they are, contrary to what the left thinks, by no means stupid people. Unlike the millennials who only pretend to be the oppressed working class since...(they have no jobs or see McDonald's as a career choice) ...they can see the difference in their paychecks.  Wages are starting to creep up as unemployment across the board shrinks to an almost perfect over all of 3.8%. They can feel that screw being turned back letting them breathe a little easier. Almost instantly, their quality of life goes up and that is something that is all but impossible to deny.
Who is responsible for this happening is also something they will find very hard to deny. I never said they would all like it, but they can't really deny it, and they know it.
The polls are starting to reflect that shift among millennials towards the right with a recent Reuters–Ipsos poll showing the democrats support dropped 9 points from 55% to 46% when balanced to a 2016 poll of equal participants.
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By far the most dramatic shift was among white millennials who plunged from 47% (the largest number of supporters in 2016) to a disappointing 39% support for democrats in 2018. The major drop within whites was of course white men.
Gee, I wonder if being a white man and because of that alone, they get called every derogatory name in the book, by democrats and their supporters demanding they apologize for their very existence might have something to do with that? Maybe just a little?
I could really dive into the overall statistics but I want to concentrate on the millennials.  Suffice it to say the democrats are losing support across the board outside of their dedicated base, and they are broke to boot.
I always tell people to never look at news reports as fact.  Use them as leads and nothing more, verify everything by looking at cause and effect because that is a very hard area in which to manipulate the data, especially in today’s world of instant information.
As an example: Because of regulations (primarily through the EPA) placed on our industry as a whole, GDP growth stagnated under the Obama administration never reaching 3% during his entire 8 years in office. The only president in our history who ever failed to do so. In fact he only averaged a very disappointing 1.48% GDP growth. The industries simply could not succeed under the restrictions placed upon them by Obama. They could not create jobs or expand, the economy stalled as a result.
Let us not forget that during this time of stagnation in job creation and economic instability for the very working class the democrats claim to be the champion of, Mr. Obama also managed to almost DOUBLE our U.S. Public Debt.
Enter Donald Trump who begins the process of wrangling the GOP back to the right where it is supposed to be and immediately begins to remove those regulations our industries had been crushed under by Obama. That's the cause.
The effect; The strongest economy we have seen in decades... in less than two freaking years thank you very much.
CAUSE AND EFFECT! Regulations removed, industry kicks into gear, jobs are created, the economy grows.  It’s as simple as that.
As an actual working middle class individual myself I can absolutely tell you that I am better off than I was two years ago. And so are many millennials since everything that this administration is doing, is helping EVERYONE. Including the people who show their appreciation by spewing hatred at the man.
We know this by once again going to cause and effect. Millennials suddenly have more disposable income because of republican tax cuts. That's the first cause and effect. The second cause and effect is what they are doing with that extra disposable income especially given the fact that many of them now have families. Having children is one of the primary reasons people move more towards conservatism in the first place.  It changes the way they think.
Millennials are buying houses, lots of houses.
According to the latest Millennial Tracker survey by Ellie Mae , 89% of mortgage loans made to Millennial borrowers during the month of May were made for new home purchases, the highest percentage since May 2017.
Combine that with the average age for these loans being about 29 years old we can see another connection emerge. The connection to what those on the left, the progressives, never want millennials to realize, and yet many have and are abandoning the progressive ideology because of it.
The left loves to push class conflict saying that the middle class is being destroyed by the upper class and this will lead to a two class system of ultra rich and ultra poor (exactly what socialism will create). They have many of these millennials thinking that how their life is right at this moment is how it will always be, and that socialism will be their great savior.
I call bullshit on that one and the fact that all of these millennials are buying up houses at around 30 years old (the average age for starting a family) pretty much demonstrates the exact opposite to be the case. It backs up the data as well.
The middle class is indeed disappearing, but it is not being destroyed. Nor is it in need of any kind of saving like the progressives want us to believe. They only focus their information on the middle class drop, ignoring the upper class rise, as well as the lower classes also shrinking. That information does not fit the lie they need to perpetuate. (2013 was the last available data at the time of this writing)
Not long ago the millennials who are now buying houses were the minimum wage earners (lower classes) as they finished their educations, and gained life experience. Now in the 30 year range they have moved from the lower classes into the middle classes, buying homes through higher paying jobs as my generation, (gen X) moves into the upper classes towards retirement. The next generation (gen Z)  is already moving in to replace the millennials in the lower classes becoming the new minimum wage earners as they move up, and so forth.
The progressives, or lets just call them what they are, Marxists, want these young people (struggling minimum wage earners, primarily students) to believe that how their lives are right at this moment is how they will always be. The data above proves that this is a lie because millennials who actually work, are starting to buy homes and moving up into the middle classes as we speak. That movement can not be denied, and it can not be explained any other way.
The next argument I usually get when I blow that one out of the water is the world’s extreme poverty-how do I explain so many people in the world living in extreme poverty if everyone is moving up?
Simple!  It’s not true!
When asked, many millennials reveal that they believe the world extreme poverty rate to be 50% or higher. This is what they have been led to believe by their liberal professors who want to sow the seeds of communist revolution. They want to create collectivist radicals, not critical thinkers.
As of the latest data the world extreme poverty rate is the lowest it has ever been in our history. In fact, it is currently less than 15% and continues to go down as the lower and middle classes continue to move into the upper classes. I call that supporting evidence of the great Marxist lie that has been branded on so many young minds.
Simply put, millennials are realizing that things are not as bad as they have been led to believe by the Marxists leading the democratic party, and they haven't been since the turn of the 20th century. Not saying everything was perfect for everyone but it was still improving over all. The United States and the world as a whole has done nothing but improve decade by decade in almost every conceivable way and the millennials who pay attention can see this. They start questioning why we would need to change a system that is obviously working so well. That's the cause.
The effect, is of course, the steady defections we see in the polls. Millennials are moving to the right because they can see that the left is nothing but talk. The left only wants to hold them back and down in the name of someone else’s equality. They are emcouraged to live an oppressive life of endless limits so that no one feels left out. We can not all be rich and happy so let’s all be equally poor and miserable type of mentality.
Donald Trump and the republicans are showing these young people the possibilities ahead of them by taking control over their own lives. They are starting to appreciate the meaning of individual freedom while losing interest in the radical lefts collectivist ideology. Besides, they can see that the left has completely stopped doing its job and its hatred of Donald Trump has become pathological. They have over and over chosen the side of anyone against the American citizens they swore an oath to defend and support. These American citizens would of course include millennials.
It seems pretty evident, to me at least, that these young people are choosing that individual freedom that gives everyone equality of opportunity, over communisms equality of outcome.
The right offers a future of endless possibilities to these young people with a strong economy, jobs, and the freedom to forge their own path without someone else making their decisions for them. Any one of them could be Americas next millionaire. The other option… pretty much the exact opposite of that.
As I said before. Contrary to what the Marxists believe, these millennials are by no means stupid people, no matter how hard they tried to dumb them down with common core.  
If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.     ~Winston Churchill
The last two images in this piece are from a video lecture by Prof. Antony Davies  Associate Professor of Economics Palumbo Donahue School of Business.
You can watch the lecture HERE and I highly recommend doing so as it will connect a lot of dots.
It did for me.
Reuters-Ipsos poll Image Source. GOOD VIDEO
U.S. Annual Economic Growth Image Source

Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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