Lanterns: Just the tip of the iceberg?


Just the tip of the iceberg?

Do you like watching movies? What’s your favorite television Show?  I have met a couple of famous actors in my time—  one was a punk and the other was down to Earth.

I never watch award shows because I can't stand seeing overpaid, demanding, selfish people pat themselves on the back even more by being rewarded for it. Now, we hear a lot of stuff coming out about Harvey Weinstein. I interviewed someone once who used to own a security company in Hollywood and he told me that one time a lead actor in a major film approached him and offered a serial favor for either money or drugs. He told the actor to pound sand. 

Now stuff is coming out about Kevin Spacey and people are shocked? Really? We are talking about Hollywood. It seems that not even the sky is the limit for actors, producers, directors and many others.

Didn't Corey Feldman try to warn people this kind of stuff has been going on? He did and nobody said much. He won't name names out of fear for his family.  

I think what we are hearing about is just the tip of the iceberg. These people live a life of excess, and have the attitude that the rules are for us, peasants, not them.

Remember Woody Allen? Hollywood is full of freaks. They live in their own little world and try to tell US how to live and what to believe in. I think we are going to find out more stuff about more sick perverts in that town, but sadly, I don’t think anybody will ever clean up the mess entirely. All of this is yet another reason not to pay to watch movies and to stay far away from award shows.

In the meantime, I will be praying for every victim.

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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