Lanterns: We are Our Most Dangerous Enemy


We are Our Most Dangerous Enemy

Our greatest enemy is not outside our borders- it is within our minds. Selfishness, greed, and apathy are the true nemesis of our nation. We turn our insensitive faces from the suffering of our brothers and choose instead to be entertained. How shallow our culture has become! How surprised we will be when that suffering comes knocking on our door! This is the fruit of the Age of Vericide--  the age of the death of truth, the age of relativism.

So yet, this unjust suffering, endured with dignity by any one man under the tyranny of collectivism is but one grain of sand on an endless shore, where the waves of injustices are crashing, like giant tsunamis-- crushing all within their path. It is hard for Americans to imagine what it is like to live in a time and place where the long sleepless vigils in the night were fueled by the ever-gnawing fear of that knock on the door from the secret police. That sense of peace and safety that Americans have traditionally enjoyed since our Independence is now beginning to disappear since the rise of radical terrorism and the threat of collectivism overpowering our government. The destruction of the Twin Towers witnessed by every American citizen on television has changed that illusory bubble, but this is only the beginning. One is coming that shall take peace from the entire Earth and embroil it in the time of lawlessness as never before in human history.

In spite of this, few in America can even imagine the terror that awaits them when our government becomes an instrument of lawlessness and terror. This will be the inevitable result of the centralization of power engineered by the Progressive ideology that has created a massive Federal bureaucracy that must be whittled down to once again become its intended purpose by our Founding Fathers. Power must not be allowed to centralize, or corruption shall become the natural spawn of this grave mistake.

That knock in the middle of the night does not yet register the emotions that one day shall be more clearly perceived. That knock has torn millions of families apart never to be reunited again. That knock took a father or brother or sister or mother to a field, where they put a bullet in the head or the back of the neck and kicked them into a trench. That dreaded knock where they took a father or brother or sister or mother to a Siberian Gulag to be raped, tortured, and eventually worked to death.

Why were they taken? Not because they were criminals or murderers; Not because they were violent people, but simply because they were deemed a political threat to the centralized State. They may have owned a little more land than others. They may have been educated and knowledgeable enough to see through the propaganda of the State. Or, like in Estonia and Georgia, they were just numbers in a quota sent by the central government that was trying to winnow down the native population so they could fill the land with Russians in order to claim that land permanently.

This is not ancient history. That is what is happening in Crimea today, and I fear will be happening to the Ukraine soon. It is what is happening in Syria as ISIS attempts to kill every single Christian and Kurd. Genocide is alive and thriving yet on planet earth. Few have survived these ordeals to live and tell about it. My father did. Solzhenitsyn did. We should listen to their warnings.

Most of us instinctively cringe, at such injustices, “How could man be so cruel?” However, there is no such thing as cruelty, where there is no God, and the matrix of reality is the survival of the fittest. This is the only terminus for the Age of Vericide. This is the direction that our nation will be following if we do not intelligently win our children to the truth and inoculate them from the deceptive propaganda of the collectivists disguised as Progressivist and Radical Islamicists bent on the colonization of the entire world.

The Hegelian relativistic framework of morality has been applied to the political process by many nations, and the inevitable result has consistently been cataloged for those who care to see. In each and every case, the sanctity of the value of human life and individual freedom has been ignored and trampled upon by those who rationalized these atrocities, as necessary in their struggle for power and control. Genocide was and is yet considered a necessary action deemed absolutely legitimate for the pragmatic subjugation of any territory for the takeover by the occupiers and usurpers. Those who hold to the demonically inspired globalist aspiration, whether in the form of radical Islam or a collectivist ideology, have never and will never hesitate to use genocide as their most pragmatic, effective, and long-lasting policy to gain complete control of the lands they colonize.

But, even those who survive such atrocities are changed from within when they become seduced by the collectivist ideology. When the laws of a nation are based in a relativistic system, greed becomes the norm. The State wants power, and the people want free things. Their greed shackles them to the State that shall be their Master, and they shall become their slaves. The people’s greed blinds them to the fact that they are selling their birthrights for a pot of porridge. The State cannot give you anything it does not steal from someone else. The problem is that eventually, you run out of people to steal from.

“That will never happen here,” you say. Oh, how I wish that were true! We have already begun to see this overreach of power by the Executive Office using the IRS to go after their political rivals, and again with he use of the Intelligence service for political reasons against rivals. We see the abuse of progressive courts that have steadily whittled down our religious rights by ignoring the fundamental doctrine of the separation of powers our Founding Forefathers set to protect us. Both the Executive and Judicial branch are now in the Progressivist habit of legislating. They have robbed the people of the United States of that right. It is supposed to be that “we the people,” through our Representatives have the only and exclusive right to create new laws.

As a result of this, they have murdered the unborn en mass. I warn you- that disregard for the value of human life shall not end in the womb. They already consider conservative Christians greater enemies of the State than radical Islam. They have tapped into our phones, computers, and every single financial contraction we make. They are beginning to collect our DNA samples. Cameras are now placed all over our cities and roads. All vehicles and cell phones can be tracked via satellite. The technological ability of modern governments to rule with an iron fist as never before is in place waiting for Satan’s moment to strike.

Today, in our nation, we have an openly declared socialist, Bernie Sanders, who ran for the Presidency of the United States of America- not that there was much difference between Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Sadly, most of the youth, who have been “enlightened” by our Public Education system, are enthusiastically supporting him. They have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the relativistic/collectivist ideology, and the day will come when they will be the ruling majority…that is, if it has not already come. Listen to the words of Solzhenitsyn, as he describes the consequence of the Hegelian system in the Soviet Union. Like Elijah, crying in the wilderness, so many years ago, he tried to warn us of the danger of the collectivist ideology:

“This was the system that, in the twentieth century was the first to introduce the use of hostages- that is to say, to seize not the person whom they were seeking, but rather a member of his family or simply someone at random, and to shoot him.

Such a system of hostages and the persecution of families exist to this day. It is still the most powerful weapon of persecution, because the bravest person, who is not afraid for himself, can flinch at a threat to his family.

This was a system, which was the first-- long before Hitler, to employ false announcements of registration, that is to say: ‘Such and such persons must appear to register.’ People would comply, and then they were taken away to be killed. For technical reasons, we didn’t have gas chambers in those days. We used barges. A hundred or a thousand persons were put into a barge and then it was sunk.

This was a system, which deceived the workers in all of its decrees-- the decrees on land, the decrees on peace, the decrees on factories, the decrees on freedom of the press.

This was a system, which exterminated all other political parties. And, let me make it clear to you that it not only disbanded each party but destroyed its members. All members of every non-Communist party were exterminated.

This was a system, which carried out genocide of the peasantry. Fifteen million peasants were shipped off to their deaths.

This was a system, which introduced serfdom, the so-called passport system.

This was a system, which in times of peace, artificially created a famine, causing six million persons to die in the Ukraine between 1932 and 1933. They died on the very threshold of Europe. And Europe didn’t even notice it. The world didn’t even notice it. Six million persons!” (Warning to the West, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Ferrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York, 1976, pg.16, 17) (Emphasis mine)

Even America hardly noticed it. Can we afford to hide in the comfort of our honey laden hearths and not notice the wake of death left behind each of these political systems, which have adopted the relativistic framework, as the matrix of reality? Do we dare to imagine that such a system will not produce in our country the very same result it has consistently produced in every other country it has become entrenched? I am not a fearmonger. I am not a warmonger. I am a realist, and if America does not remove her pink progressivist glasses soon, there will be no return. Relativism is the direct road to tyranny used by monsters of every political spectrum.

Hitler’s occult/atheistic ideology accepted the relativistic and pragmatic view of human life as promoted by the National Socialist ideology, as a mere instrument for the attainment of power for the elite- the Aryan race. Today, under the presupposition of relativism Hitler can only be considered a monster not because of what he did, for he was being consistent with his philosophy, but, because the allies won the war. 

Relativism cannot create a structural foundation for the sacred, individual rights of human beings.

Written by Henry Patino

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