Lanterns: Watch Clinton Cash Documentary HERE


Watch Clinton Cash Documentary HERE

After the release Peter Schweizer's book Clinton Cash in May of 2015, I was astonished to learn the true depth of corruption and lack of ethical standards in Hillary and Bill Clinton. I knew it was bad. I had no idea it was this bad. 

Since release of Schweizer's book, producers Danny Fleurette and Stephen Bannon worked to bring a version of the book to the big screen. "The film was pushed heavily on social media by more than 283,000 dyed-in-the-wool Bernie Sanders supporters, who helped catapult Clinton Cash to the top of Facebook’s trending topics list on Sunday, Breitbart News reported. Due to overwhelming response and request, Breitbart News has decided to make Clinton Cash available for free forever." In 48 hours, the it had already been viewed 500,000 times.

The film exposes the alarming pattern of record-high speaking fees to Bill Clinton and donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign contributors, which coincided with favors for those closest to the Clintons and their foundation donors while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

Watch the complete documentary:

Author and political consultant Peter Schweizer is known for his extensively researched books centering around political corruption. Apart form the above book, he is most well-known for penning Throw Them All Outa book on how America's politicians - both Democrats and Republicans - have made themselves part of a permanent political class for the purpose of enriching itself at America's expense. It, too, is a must-read.

Written by Taryn on the news

Taryn enjoys sharing news and perspectives she believes are under-reported. Taryn became politically aware following a few major life changes and spends most of her time in the Midwest.

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