Lanterns: Leftist, Social Justice Warriors Form Vigilante Group


Leftist, Social Justice Warriors Form Vigilante Group



The other day, my colleague wrote a piece called "Our Universities are Devouring Themselves Under Progressivism."  In it, he detailed the protests when biology professor, Bret Weinstein spoke out against a social justice event that tried to force white students and faculty to leave the campus. Usually, the event is conducted by students of color leaving the campus for the day.

According to Heatstreet: "Since then the school’s administration and faculty have capitulated to almost all the protesters' demands and are completely humiliated on a regular basis. It’s all filmed and uploaded to YouTube. The protesters are effectively running the campus, which has been shut down since Thursday due to a violent anonymous threat made to police.

Apparently, a group of bat-wielding vigilantes are seeking to "community police" the campus. I guess they want to create safe spaces for people, at least people who think like them. However, their "policing efforts" don't include protecting those who have a difference of opinion.  

One freshman named Nolan decided to voice his dissent against the tyranny of the protesters by starting a Limp Bizkit-themed resistance.  He and some friends started writing messages in chalk around the school like, "we want to learn," "college is not a safe space," and my personal favorite, "Weinstein did it all 4 the Nookie." 

One group of ever-so-tolerant social justice warriors attacked Nolan pouring water on him and ripping off his glasses after he covered graffiti calling for Weinstein’s firing with the message, “Limp Bizkit did nothing wrong.”

Warning:  Video contains obscene language and graphic chalk stomping... Don't drink anything while watching this. Seriously, this is some really funny stuff-- when social justice warriors attack.  These guys took it well, though. 

Nolan stated of the attack: "I wrote it to prove these guys aren’t here to have a discussion; they are here to violently bully the campus into submission.” “It wasn’t the most intimidating bunch, and I felt I was in control of the situation.” He continued: "Being a white male, I felt if I was to attack back it would be very bad...That situation could be flipped very poorly in my direction.”

Students have now turned on him calling him "Nazi" and "white supremacist." He has been threatened on social media and by text. According to HeatStreet:

"Last Thursday, Nolan and his friends were accosted again by “the mob.” He was on his way to the bus to get dinner, and a group of about 20 people, one of them holding a bat, began following them. Many of the same characters from the first encounter were present at the second one. (See video below.)

Nolan said it appeared like the group was waiting for him outside his dorm room, like they knew were he lived. “They were all a bunch of walking stereotypes,” he said. “It’s like Tumblr was attacking me.”

Nolan’s friend Andrew, who is not an Evergreen student but was visiting from out of town, got the encounter on video. When he began filming, they started screaming, saying it was illegal to film them in public.

“It’s illegal to assault people,” Andrew replied when a member of the mob bull-rushed him and tried to grab his camera.

It was all perplexing, I just wanted to get it on tape,” Andrew said over the phone. “It was real immature, like on a middle-school playground.”

According to Nolan, the group were hurling insults, saying things like “all crackers love mayonnaise.”

You can see from the end of the video, the student holding the bat."

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up... 


In an email to students, Vice President for Student Affairs, Wendy Endress, invited students to workshops with “trained restorative justice facilitators” to help them finish out their final week of school. 

According to College Fix:

Endress, in her June 5 email to colleagues, asked them to counsel students to “embrace choices that de-escalates.” She goes on to cite an email she received from an Evergreen professor who is concerned for one of her pupils.

The Evergreen student had told the professor that “Because I had shown some criticism to the protest that was occurring on campus in earlier weeks I have become targeted and harassed by a wide number of students on campus. Recently there have been a number of students who patrol lower campus with weapons like baseball bats and tasers who claim to be making the campus safer but in reality are making campus more hostile.”

The latest developments come at a school where students in early Mayscreamed at and harasseda white professor for not leaving campus on an anti-white “Day of Absence.” Shortly after that, the professor, Bret Weinstein, wasforced to fleecampus and hold his class in a local park after police told him it’s not safe for him to be on campus. More recently some faculty have demanded Weinstein bepunishedfor allegedly provoking a “white supremacist backlash” against the school.

Dr. Weinstein, the professor at the center of the controversy, tweeted a picture warning people of these would-be attackers, claiming some people have been hit, but won't report the incidents.

This instantly brings several questions to mind:  1. Why do parents continue to fund this radical indoctrination of their children through their tuition dollars?  2. How will these social justice warriors ever function in the real world?  3.  If these students represent our future, exactly what kind of future will it be?  

People today keep saying that kids have changed. University of South Carolina Men's Basketball Coach, Frank Martin said it best:

"You know what makes me sick to my stomach?  When I hear grown people say that kids have changed.  Kids haven't changed.  Kids don't know anything about anything.  We changed as adults.  We demand less of kids.  We expect less of kids  We make their lives easier instead of preparing them for what life is truly about.  We're the ones that have changed."

I shudder to think of the consequences.


Written by Heather Bryant

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