Lanterns: I HOPE they CHANGE



In 2008, we heard HOPE & CHANGE more times should have been humanly allowed. Empty promises, platitudes and bumper stickers, sound bites and audio clips. All these motivated thinking people to give pause and ask important questions about policies and about principles that matter and about what America stands for and what it means to be a conservative. Conservativism obviously meant more that just free markets and limited government and fiscal responsibility. In a nutshell, it means popular sovereignty and allowing a form of government to protect rights that are not given by men but from God. From this awakening brought forth the Tea Party movement: Principled, opportunistic, grassroots, organic.

In 2011, NBC sited a poll in which Donald Trump was the #1 choice for president among people identified with the Tea Party. I personally took this as a slight or smear tactics by the mainstream media but now looking back I see that there was more correct about this 2011 poll than I was willing to accept at that time. Last night showed that Conservative grassroots is still an incredible force for good and an even more powerful force for freedom, liberty and fundamental restoration. The establishment split on Rubio and Trump and the Tea Party Trumpeters are literally propping up a progressive nationalist who only espouses empty rhetoric and populist drivel.

Can you imagine what last night would have looked like if the almost 70% of support for Trump, that represents people who identify with Tea Party values, had actually supported the conservative in the race? Not a perfect candidate as none ever are. Just the most conservative one and maybe the most conservative in our generation. Just the one who has a record of fighting for conservative ideas and beliefs. One who you know understands, believes in and will faithfully defend the constitution. Just that one.

And now, most of the Tea Party Trumpeters, who simple supported Donald Trump over the conservative in the race, have now turned to attacking the conservative in the race. It’s like a damn political zombie apocalypse has taken place and every liberal progressive socialist communist zombie has bitten Tea Party Trumpeters and now they attack the one guy who hold 99% of the values and principles they claim to hold while supporting the guy who has held EVERY value, principle, belief and issue that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders today hold.

Who knew that the Walking Dead was a political documentary? I’m hoping that the Tea Party Trumpeters, as Ted Cruz said last night, come home. Just come home. You won’t be shamed for supporting a liberal. You won’t be marked like some prisoner of war. No tattoos or barcodes will be administered and your grassroots conservative membership card won’t be torn up and discarded. Not yet, anyway. See you when you get home TPT’s!!!


Written by Trey Roberts

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