Lanterns: The Two-Headed Snake of Islam


The Two-Headed Snake of Islam

Let's talk about Islam.

There is so much flooding the media about the peace and love of Islam. The Koran is filled with passages that sound beautiful and the left freely pushes those. What you are not told is that almost all of them are two part. One speaks of the treatment and expectation of those who obey the word without question, and it is rosy.

The other is for the treatment of those who don't observe the word, the infidel. In a word, they’re commanded to wage war by crushing and destroying any who stray from their warped ideology.

Deception is widely accepted. In Islam, a lie is not a lie if it is told to the infidel and has any element of truth. We must remember only 10-15% of Muslims are radical, but that too is deceptive. It is too hard to count the number of radicalized Muslims and their ranks may be larger than any standing army. They hide and lie and pounce on undefended targets to create fear and undermine functional systems of government which is exploited and allows for an eventual invasion from within. That is how they expand.

They weaken the borders politically from within. That is why Muslim nations do not take in refugees; extreme controls on rights and immigration are vise-like.  However, as they emigrate to other nations, and their population grows, so do their demands, and they transition into government. The weakening of the host nation thus begins.

They don’t wish to become citizens. They are invaders bent on conquest and the destruction of the West. The mosque is the control hub for their invasion. The mosque is run by the Imam and Sharia Law is the rule within. Laws of the land don't matter because the only law is the Qur’an. They use the protections of Freedom of Religion to violate our laws. Ruling Councils within the body of worshipers are the law, and they keep silent on Sharia Law proceedings and militant operations that include illegal onsite armories and terrorist cells. There are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world. Too many moderates keep silent, and silence is consent.

Under Islam, infidels must convert under force or die for their beliefs. You need to look no further than the execution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, just last week, to see the plan is still in place after 1400 years of conquest and genocide.

It’s important to understand that people who want a jihad are here within our borders and they are protected by our laws, sometimes to a ridiculous extent by the Left,  which is like leading the sheep to the slaughter.  Radicals ignore gun free zones and take refuge in sanctuary cities. 

We ignore these facts at our own peril.

Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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