Lanterns: What Is CPAC's Purpose?


What Is CPAC's Purpose?

By Leo T. Thornton

Where do I begin?

Why, with an introduction, of course.

I'm Leo, a 55-year- old, high school educated, white guy. I've worked most of my life in production. I became politically aware after 9/11, and I'm ashamed to say before that, I didn't even know I was a conservative.

After seeing how a liberal agenda changed everyone's life, financially and morally, I found blogging was very therapeutic. Through writing, with a little bit of comedic and very blue collar voice, I found that others felt the same. All my opinions come from my heart from a blue collar perspective. I'd like to thank Lanterns and Madisons for giving me an opportunity to reach a new and larger audience. Please take the time to check out the good people at these sites.

Earlier, I described myself as I did, because I am the essential Trump voter demographic. However, I am not a Trump supporter.

Don't get me wrong; I was jazzed when I heard Trump announce he was going to run. I thought, finally, someone not in the political system-- someone who would really shake things up. 

Then I listened to him talk, and I quickly changed my mind, correction... HE quickly changed my mind. At first, he said stuff like Sen. McCain wasn't a hero because he was captured and that he'd continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

Trump's campaign reminded me of the Mel Brooks play, "The Producers," where the producers con unknowing investors into sinking their money into a bad play and then sabotage every step of the production. If the play flops, then the producers can make off with all the investor's money. That is until the terrible play becomes a big hit.

No, Trump wasn't conning people out of their money. I believe he was raising his stature from that of real estate mogul/reality star to controversial political guru, and then after not being nominated, he'd make money with his own television network. That is until this controversial candidate became President.

I haven't written for awhile now after getting heat from friends. It's even hard to write this now.

So now what's a #NeverTrumper to do? Well, I can't speak for all of them, but this #NeverTrumper will celebrate a must needed change from a fast paced road to Socialism to a much slower one.

I only say that, because to me, Trump is a liberal or at the very least a recently converted conservative. A sign of this is when asked if a woman should be punished if she had an abortion? Trump stammered for an answer and then when pressed said yes, she should be. This is how a liberal would think a conservative would answer.

President Trump threatens to punish American companies who think about moving out of the country, instead of talking about eliminating reasons why they want to leave.

Also troubling is Trump’s heavy use of executive orders so early in his term, especially with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Like President Obama, he's using campaign-style rallies and speeches to gain support for them.

Another troubling example is repeal and REPLACE Obamacare. Replace it with what? Trump-care?This isn’t just about Trump, though. Republicans are worse with healthcare because they want an eventual single payer system the same as the Democrats, but they just don’t admit it. Michelle Bachmann once said that government run health care is the crown jewel of Socialism. Yes, because if the government controls our healthcare, they control a large part of our lives, especially in this internet age.  

They’ll mask their intention by saying they can improve a system that can’t be removed because so many now depend on it. I truly miss the days when the conservative answer was...let the free market work it out.

However, I think President Trump has done some good things. Of course, Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court Justice was an excellent pick. I know that this was the main reason some people who voted for him, and he nailed it. However, we’ve been disappointed with some conservative judges' decisions lately, but this Gorsuch seems to be grounded in the Constitution.  Liberals care about “feelings” which is why they’re never disappointed in the decisions their judges make.

His rolling back of regulations, cutting taxes, and eliminating TPP are a great start.

Trump’s Twitter war with the media is childish. He needs to rise above that mud. Kellyanne, Reince, Bannon, and Omarosa live for the mud, let them handle the so-called “fake news.”

I can go on with other political tactics that his campaign and administration are and will use. But all this brings me to the question, what is the purpose of CPAC?

It used to be a place where the conservative agenda was highlighted. Establishment Republicans were reminded not only who buttered their bread, but how to butter it, as well. I now appreciate the time when the Republican party argued and disagreed with itself. It told me we weren't like those who quickly got in lockstep and marched whichever way the political winds blew them.

Now after the Trump victory there seems to be a silence highlighting an erosion of conservatism. I couldn’t see ignoring my conservative values to get a Republican win. I sure as hell ain’t gonna stay silent for the next four years just because our president has an (R) next to his name.

Everyone needs to be involved in holding their elected officials accountable. It’s important that when they do things right that they are praised, and when they push unconstitutional policies and laws, we must push back and make our voices heard!  Our allegiance is to the United States, not a politician, and we all need to remember this!

In closing, President Trump needs to find a way to unify our country, before the left gets a fully funded footing. Unlike the right who protest peacefully, the left will burn down cities.

I have listed a few things I believe all conservatives agree with. Why not let the administration know to highlight the positive like cutting taxes and regulations and eliminating the negatives like Obamacare and Twitter wars?

Conservatives need to get back to pushing principles over personality.  We watched as Obama supporters became useful idiots and make sure we don’t become them, ourselves.  

It’s time to remember CPAC’s purpose and pressure our politicians to return to the conservative principles we’ve always supported.

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Written by Leo Thornton


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Excellent commentary, Sir. Once we abandon our Conservative principles, we'll have nothing left to stand on.

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