Lanterns: Consistency – What Do Pancake Batter and Progressives Have In Common – Or Not?


Consistency – What Do Pancake Batter and Progressives Have In Common – Or Not?

The English language is difficult at best for people to learn as a second language because so many words have the same or similar spelling with different meanings.  To, Too, and Two - Their, There, and They’re - Mail and Male - Plane and Plain - Genes and Jeans - Deer and Dear, to name a few.

Consistency has two distinctly different meanings with the same spelling.

One has to do with the thickness or viscosity of a substance, such as paint or dough - or pancake batter.

The other has to do with being consistent or agreement in action or behavior.  An athlete who averages the same goals or points game to game is a consistent performer, or a politician whose words and actions are in harmony from day to day is consistent, as well.

Yes, I have finally reached to point of this article. The consistency of politicians. This is not a left or right, democrat or republican sort of thing. It’s also not just politicians—  we need to look in the mirror to make sure we have not succumbed to the tendency to follow our feelings regardless of the data, the truth, and the larger picture.

This latest outrage over Roy Moore and the recent shootings have put me over the edge.

People from both sides of the aisle are guilty on the Roy Moore issue.  Suddenly the accusation is equal to guilt?  If truly guilty, he’s a disgusting piece of trash—  however, an accusation does not equal proof.  Remember Tawana Brawley with Al Sharpton at her side?  Remember the Duke Lacrosse team?

What of those who have been fact, their guilt is unquestioned, yet there was no price to pay.  Ted Kennedy clearly tried to use the Russians to help sway an election, yet there is a witch hunt on the Russian/Trump “collusion.”  For that matter, Ted Kennedy killed his girlfriend and it cost him nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero.  Not only did the Democrats not hold him accountable, neither did the Republicans.

Are we really to always believe the women?  What of the women who have accused Bill Clinton?  Kathleen Willey, Connie Hamzy, Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, an un-named 22-year-old Yale student, another University of Arkansas student, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers … and this does not include those who admitted to consensual affairs.  At least Bill seems consistent.  Where are those who demand he admit and accept responsibility?

Republican, Jeff Sessions was accused of being a racist, yet Democrat, Robert Byrd, Grand Wizard in the KKK, never was.

In Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste I outlined the inconsistency of the “left” regarding things that cause deaths.  Alcohol, drugs, medical malpractice, accidental falls, auto accidents, accidental poisoning, and certainly abortion all outpace gun deaths by a wide margin.  If safety and saving lives are important, then ALL lives are important.

Our society has become one in which we try people in the media in the court of public opinion.  I have one question for you— if you were charged with a crime or impropriety, would you want our justice system (no matter how flawed it may be), or would you be happy to let reporters and social media decide your fate?

While it is easy to see fault in others, I hope we will all attempt to see things from both sides and let the chips fall where they may.  The facts should decide.

Remember, truth has no agenda.

Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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"truth has no agenda." Well written, Michael! You're so right.

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