Lanterns: Things That Make You Go HMMM...


Things That Make You Go HMMM...

With so much going on at the top of the Republican nomination reality show, is anyone paying attention to or asking questions about what happening at the bottom or even in the darkest recesses of the Establishment GOP?


For instance, why are Establishment candidates who are polling in the single digits or even less than 1% still in the race? Why haven’t they suspended or cancelled their campaigns all together? What do they stand to gain by remaining in a campaign that is feasibly impossible to win? More on this in a moment.


One of the more recent political moves that has intrigued me is Paul Ryan’s acceptance of Speaker of the House after adamantly refusing it. Upon his acceptance of the position came requirements of non-opposition, lock step following by the Republican caucus and the passing of $1.1 trillion of spending, including and not limited to the funding of Planned Parenthood, Obama’s Executive amnesty program and Obamacare. Would a conservative, fiscal hawk even conceive these sorts of actions and behaviors? Keep in mind that Ryan is from Wisconsin, home of progressive thought. He accepted to run as the VP nominee for Mitt Romney and Obama, Reid and Pelosi fawn over Ryan like he’s the Pope or even Jesus Christ himself. Ryan hand selected Gov. Nikki Haley to give the GOP rebuttal to President Obama in which the GOP rebuttal attacked the Presidential frontrunners for their angry voices. The very remarks she made were personally approved by Speaker Ryan. The Spanish language remarks, again personally approved and the deliverer hand selected by none other than Speaker Ryan. Ryan, is the highest ranking Republican and as such has nothing but contemptuousness for Trump and no use for Senator Cruz. Within the Congressional Republican ranks, Ryan is viewed as the “anti-Trump”. More on Ryan in a minute, but let’s get back to Presidential politricks.


The Establishment wants nothing to do with Trump or Cruz. They’re both outsiders but their recent support of Trump over Cruz indicates that with Cruz, they know their gig is up so to speak. With Trump they believe he’ll wheel and he’ll deal. He can be coached and he’ll listen. But there’s a greater reason they support Trump now, at this early stage of the primary season. Trump is the Establishment’s best bet of destroying and ridding themselves of their one and only problem: Ted Cruz. If Trump can destroy Cruz, Establishment candidates like “Common Core” Jeb, “Obama-hugger” Christie, “Beltway” Kasich and “Sweaty-amnesty” Rubio can hang back, garner delegates and hopefully whomever is in 3rd when Cruz implodes, the Establishment can keep anyone from getting a majority of the delegates going into the convention in early July. That’s when the rules take over. Delegates are required, ON THE FIRST VOTE ONLY, to vote as they pledged and if no one is nominated after the first vote, all bets are off and the Establishment can nominate whomever they want even someone who didn’t campaign once or was on a single primary ballot. Would the Establishment have a difficult time convincing the GOP delegation to take the young, conservative, articulate, budget hawk, Speaker of the House and make him the nominee? Not at all. I believe they’re already convincing people as we speak.


Speaker Ryan just returned from a 2-day retreat with Congressional leaders, preaching party unity and tolerance. You can bet that with a Speaker who’s down for amnesty and I mean full blown amnesty, who commands allegiance as the leader and smartest guy in the room and who has the savvy and experience of campaigning nationally, Speaker of House Paul Ryan may just be your next Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.


Written by Trey Roberts

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