Lanterns: Trump at CPAC: Forgotten Americans Will Be Forgotten No Longer


Trump at CPAC: Forgotten Americans Will Be Forgotten No Longer

Among several things President Trump spoke about were his plans to build a wall along the Southern border, building the Keystone and Dakota pipelines with American steel, and repealing and replacing Obamacare. The best thing Republicans could do, Trump said, was to do nothing and allow Obamacare to implode on its own. He assured the audience, however, that he would in fact repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as promised.

“I’m here today to tell you what this movement means for the future of the Republican party and for the future of America,” Trump said part way though the address.  “First, we need to define what this great, great unprecedented movement is and what it actually represents. The core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation that puts and will put its own citizens first.”

The heart of the President’s speech, as he pointed out more than once, was that the “forgotten men and women of America will be forgotten no longer.” He emphasized that the GOP will now be the party of the American worker.

The President concluded by assuring the audience that “America is going to be bigger, better, and stronger than ever before.”

Watch President Trump’s full speech below:


Written by Taryn on the news

Taryn enjoys sharing news and perspectives she believes are under-reported. Taryn became politically aware following a few major life changes and spends most of her time in the Midwest.

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