Lanterns: A Little Trump, Trumps the Whole Loaf


A Little Trump, Trumps the Whole Loaf

There’s a verse in the Bible where Christ taught His disciples to beware of the “leaven of the Pharisees” because “a little leaven, leavens the entire loaf”. Jesus was teaching a fundamental principle. If you accept a little evil, a little wrong, a little Marxism, a little Socialism, a little compromise, a little deal making, a little liberalism, a little Communism, a little of this and a little of that, the integrity of the whole WILL eventually be overtaken. This is the most troubling aspect of our current political situation and the most dangerous symptom our country is manifesting and has been now for some time.

In the recent D.C. caucus, Marco Rubio won with John Kasich coming in 2nd. Trump came in third and in the little red caboose, was Ted Cruz. If you want to understand who the true outsider is; who the most feared candidate it, only look to this caucus results. The establishment, beltway Republicans clearly don’t want Donald Trump but they cannot afford to have Ted Cruz as President of the United States. I just don’t think anyone who currently supports Donald Trump and considers themselves to be a conservative will stop and ask why this is.

It is well documented that Donald Trump for over three decades, funded establishment politicians from both sides of the isle, especially open borders politicians like Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, Graham and McCain but being a billionaire himself, Donald Trump has access to circles of well documented intentional demise of the constitution of the United States. Possibly the most dangerous man on the planet, One World Order, anti-Zionist, anti-constitutional, open society and borders funder George Soros has bailed out Donald Trump and Trump even spent Christmas Eve with George Soros as recent as 2009 according to the NY Post. Soros bailed out Donald Trump’s Chicago Trump Tower project with a mezzanine loan, the highest-risk form of debt that blurs the lines between what constitutes debt and equity. Additionally, in a lawsuit surrounding the sale of the GM Building in New York, Trump was named in a lawsuit along with Soros. Apparently, Trump’s dealings with Soros were in no way limited to Chicago.

What makes Soros so dangerous and relevant here is that Soros’ Foundation, funds hundreds of groups all focused on mass migration and the politicians, many of whom Donald Trump has as well, who work to accomplish George Soros’ great plans. One of Soros’ pet projects,, a website dedicated to youth political correctness is a recipient of Trump dollars. There is no one who funds the dark underbelly of the left more so than George Soros but like Trump, Soros has given to John McCain and the Clinton Foundation. Trump in fact gave a quarter of a million dollars to the Clintons. I won’t belay the point here about Trump because I already hear many Trump supporters tout Mr. Trump business acumen and the necessity for him to play the isle for his personal betterment, but you cannot explain away Trump’s covering for George Soros at a Tea Party rally where Trump told people to “Leave George Soros alone, he has enough problems.”

So can anyone quantify for me how must Marxism, Communism, socialism or liberalism becomes too much? Can somebody give me a percentage where enough is too much? Anyone care to take a guess at how much of Conservatism dabbles in areas of Marxist progressive ideologies? It doesn’t. But Trump does.

We are settling for and compromising with ideologies, parties, philosophies and politicians who disregard the Constitution, the founding of this nation, its principles and values, and everything that has made America great. We’ve allowed in so much already and quite possibly we don’t even recognize the leavening of the entire loaf because the entire loaf is leaven. The only antidote to any of the fifty shades of Marxism that have and continue to undermine our nation, is conservatism. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have its foundations rooting in scripture and the principles of the bible so conservatism in its very nature, works to conserve the codified, eternal and absolute truths. There is still time to right this ship but there isn’t much left. March 15th, either buys us more time or closes the door on the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Written by Trey Roberts

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