Lanterns: The Violent Rhetoric of the Left


The Violent Rhetoric of the Left

Look back into history. That Hollywood burn out that lives in France Mr. Johnny Depp who self admittedly "lies for a living." Reminded us that Democrats use violence because their arguments pack short comings. Look at all the graphic displays from Hollywood B-listers and the Democratic Party themselves. I am sure that Andrew Jackson is spinning in his grave at the horror his creation has become. Phil Montag caught on audio wishing Republicans dead after the ball field shooting that even had his co workers disturbed. This to say nothing of the Bernie Bot that bought the party hate and did the shooting. Madonna and her desperate pleading for relevance after the election about thinking a lot about "blowing up the Whitehouse." We should be grateful that she can still think a lot at all considering she volunteered to pimp herself out with oral favors for Hillary votes. Thank God she reneged on that one. The line for that freebee would be ridiculous. I will not do more than mention in passing Kathy Griffin’s ISIS pose and the no-name late night talking head with the "Putin's cock holster" comment, and so many others. What of ANTIFA and the pink vagina heads? Nope, all peace and love here.

The lame stream media is not exempt from this garbage either, having kept the hateful misinformation of their party masters flowing straight from the sewers, er .... excuse me, their mouths. Combine these elements of media and television, Follywood, and the empty headed sheep they feed and we have an escalation to violence and murder being encouraged and condoned.

The politicians are just as bad and just as culpable and when things progress as they inevitably will, just as chargeable for the criminal offenses. Incitement to riot and violence, civil disturbance ect to name just a few. These all should be investigated, as I am sure the investigation-loving Left will agree. Law enforcement should have a busy time of it but like Howard Johnson, we will leave a light on for you— a blue light. How poetic is that?

Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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