Lanterns: The Republican Party today


The Republican Party today

Let's talk about the Republican Party. 

Please try not to have your heads explode. One of the major differences between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Republicans routinely think more independently while the Democrats are more in a group think lock step of the ideological. This means that the Republicans tend to have a number of smaller groups compared to the Democrats who are one large group who marches in lockstep. This makes legislation harder to pass even if it is sounder and in the interests of the people. 

Republicans have learned over the years of the destructive power of the predominately left-leaning media and just how far they are willing to go to demonize them. The witch hunt and the sustained rumor of wrongdoing is a tried and true battle tactic of the left. If you can't attack the argument, then destroy the person making it. 

The right has learned to play the defensive role. This is ultimately a losing strategy and must change. The Republicans also have those within that sympathize with the left against their party and constituents. We call them RINOs, and our goal must be to retire as many as soon as possible. We also have the career politician. They are here not out of public service, but for their personal gain. Look at the key votes, and you will find that politicians here play the obstructionist. It's not about principle with them, but leverage for personal gain. 

This is why Article V and term limits are so important, as well as curbing the influence of the lobbyists who feed these parasites. 

The last kind of politician is the ideologue. This group is based on shared principles and the knowledge that there is strength in numbers. Avarice has no home here. There is also a danger in the obstructionist power they represent even if it is well-intentioned and right. 

The principles of yesteryear no longer exist in the mainstream culture. That does not mean that they can not return to the core of American values. I believe that they should, and will, but it will take time and work. These same values must return in force to the Hill. These politicians of principle represent that, but they must pick their fights with wisdom. 

The Saul Alinsky doctrine of the left has done their work well. In the time since WWII, it has slowly taken control of the houses of higher and lower educational systems, mainstream media, and much of the judiciary. They have degraded or destroyed much of the core values and principles that have sustained us as a nation. It is what gives us our identity as a nation. For every year that this rot has been in place, it will take an additional year to root it out. 

Until this happens, there will be no black and white clarity of right and wrong, and privilege will be dressed up as rights. These things that are clear to those of principle will remain gray to those that have not been taught them.  

Before we can know our enemy, we must know ourselves, and even today, that is very much lacking. We must be consistent, but we must know when to fight and when to work together to achieve our goals further down the road. We must play the long game and use wisdom and patience.

Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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