Lanterns: LGBTQ Activists Push For Federal Intervention to Ensure Bathroom Choice


LGBTQ Activists Push For Federal Intervention to Ensure Bathroom Choice

Much to the dismay of LBGTQ rights activists nationwide, President Donald Trump has decided to slow down the runaway train of radical gender redefinition and leave so-called “bathroom laws” up to the states. 

The decision comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone but provides another reason for activists to voice their concerns regarding gender equality. For conservatives, keeping this as a state's issue and refraining from implementing any additional federal regulation is not even really a step in the right direction.  This administration and GOP-led government are expected to do much more to defend traditional gender roles and the integrity of society, in general.

Still, the protests which come as a result of leaving gender identity laws up to the states reveal just how hungry activists are for change. It was just four short years ago that the Supreme Court decided to rule against traditional marriage and take defining this sacred union into their own hands. Now, the LGBTQ community is demanding that those confused about their gender be able to use the restroom of their choice and that the federal government intervene to ensure this “right.” 

The opposition to advocates for traditional marriage and traditional bathroom use is a strong force. One of the most vocal transgender activists, Olympic Gold medalist, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, said the following about the action. 

This of all cases is when we need [the government] to step in. The bottom line is bullying in schools is going to be worse, and then there’s already bullying online where there’s no protection, no escape. When you take away protection in schools, to be honest with you, it is devastating to these kids. These politicians say it is to protect their children in bathrooms. But young people will die. And they are transgender. Suicide rates will go up. What if that’s your kid? The federal government is basically saying, you don’t really exist.

Jenner, clearly very emotional about a lack of federal government involvement in the concerns of transgender Americans, considers himself to be “very conservative” on a lot of issues and reportedly voted for Donald Trump. 

Evidently, the debate over transgenderism is one area where Jenner waivers from his conservatism. The illogical arguments raising concern over children who may be suicidal or bullied due to their inability to use the restroom corresponding with their gender identity may be somewhat comical, but is also quite mind boggling. 

To claim that the government is neglecting the transgender community is naive. Numerous federal courts have decided in favor of “transgender rights, ” and official documents now use pronouns to refer to individuals with gender confusion and/or indecision as the gender they identify as, regardless of who they are biologically. Deciding to require public restroom use corresponding with biological gender is a decision which in no way discriminates, but merely weighs the benefits to the transgender community with the possible harm to the rest of the community. 

The bottom line is, no one gets extra rights. What the transgender community seems to want here is an entitlement, not equality, and their greediness to make this a federal issue only reveals their desire to speed up the process of radical change-- a danger to conservatives. 

The law which this issue centers around is Title IX of the Education Amendments Act passed in 1972. The law ensures equality within the education system regardless of gender, further raising questions over how gender ought to be defined. The law specifically states that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

Some will interpret that gender identity is implicitly indicated in this law, while others will argue that gender is not defined by personal preference but rather biological construction. In other words, the debate is whether God decides an individual’s gender or the individual decides. It is, of course, a fundamental divide. 

Regardless, this latest action taken by the Trump administration does not embrace one particular interpretation of Title IX. It merely refrains from getting the federal government involved in what is currently defined as a state's issue. 

For social conservatives though, this isn’t even enough. Many states will undoubtedly still allow use of bathroom corresponding with gender identity, which ought to disturb anyone with even elementary biological knowledge. Sure, many scientists with their top notch education will insist that gender is a personal decision, but these are the same leftists who sacrifice common sense for emotion and feelings. 

The reality is clear, and the ramifications loom large. A biological male walking into a women’s bathroom is dangerous, especially when the male’s ticket in is merely “feeling” like a woman that day.

Which makes the complaints over this issue left up to the states all the more preposterous. How can even the most radical of liberals expect the federal government to bully Americans who wish to hold on to some semblance of gender reality to force tolerance of bathroom choice across the country? Obviously, these activists have grown accustomed to rapid, radical change by means of government mandate. They now come to expect the same, and wish to be further entitled. 

The rate of change is alarming. This administration is the only hope of reversing the deterioration of traditional values, but even they seem to be content with just preventing any sort of federal intervention. In the long run, this won’t accomplish anything for bathroom integrity, and the next time a progressive takes the White House, Title IX will be interpreted in a harmful and terrifying manner, obviously opposing the will of the people.

For now, it’s a tenth amendment issue, which means that activists on both sides of the issue will be closely montioring legislation coming out of the states. 

Written by Jonathan Goehring

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You know, I often wonder how transgenders ever went to the bathroom before all the controversy two years ago. It's amazing how new victim classes are created right before an election year. It will be interesting to see which group will get "called up from the minors" next.

RIGHT??? I can't tell you how many times I've wondered that, myself. I would never want to make light of another person's struggles. Actually, quite the contrary--it angers me to think about how groups of people are being played into a political agenda every election cycle.

Maybe we can change from the multi stall, sink, mirror bathrooms to have two basic washrooms with locking doors. Seems to work at home. Why not in the public? Or just line up Porta Johns? Maybe that is to practical of an answer?

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