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The Freedom of Access to Clinic Act (FACE) is the criminalizing of pro-life rescue, furthering the concept that a person is only real if they are wanted. It verifies the core concept in America that a person’s apparent needs trump all other human rights, including another human's rights, like those of the unborn.

My friend, Allura, recently posted this sad report:

When a post-abortive mom is back for her check-up, and in answer to your question, she says "No, no one was here that day." 

My guilty heart is breaking for that mother who will live with the regret of her decision— always wondering what might have been. I must also live with the regret that my sphere of influence in social media and blogging may not be as effective as I hope and pray. Would I be more effective on the sidewalk? I've been there, you know. I've stood as a prayer partner holding up the arms of the witness who stands to plead for a mother to simply let her baby live while I hold a placard offering help and rescue. While her decision to have sexual relations may have resulted in this crisis pregnancy, it should not be her choice to delete the consequences.

Regardless of what American laws purport, we are eternal beings who will give an account. Life cannot be created and destroyed, especially when the implications of playing God are not fully realized. 

On its FACE, it makes sense that we should not seek to harm one person to save the other. I don't condone any violence to prevent abortion, nor do the sidewalk counselors I know who stand in the gap, daily. That is not what FACE is about. It is about access without responsibility which is the root of our selfish society. People constantly make choices that are destroying lives and angrily revolt against anyone who would call them to account for their actions or persuade them to consider the needs of another above convenience.

Murder has been legalized, defying reality, and the consequences must be lived with. The mother who sadly reported that nobody was there the day she was tempted was speaking to us: What was more important than pleading for the life of my baby? Someday, we will each stand before this child's Creator and be asked the question above.

I pray that writing this appeal will not only influence but will motivate everyone to do more. Together, we can... WE MUST... make a difference!

Today, Every20Seconds posted this video from Louisville, KY (the place where FACE was enacted last month). Please watch and pray:

If you would like information on how to be trained in Sidewalk Counseling or learn where you can volunteer or donate to assist mothers who choose life because someone stood in the gap, please contact me. I also invite you to join me in 40 Days for Life which will begin on September 27.

Together, let's discover how we can put God's face back on humanity! We were each created in His image and He loved us enough to die for us. On September 9, join us for National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children 2017 to mourn those who were lost.

Written by Christine Hammett

Chris Hammett is a contributing writer for the Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives Media Group.

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