Lanterns: Russia Test Waters in the Wake of Multiple Security Risks


Russia Test Waters in the Wake of Multiple Security Risks

Russia certainly has been pushing the boundaries with newfound ally, President Trump, as a Russian spy ship has been spotted off the East Coast of the United States. Although the ship was in international waters, it was 70 miles off the coast of Delaware heading north at a speed of 10 knots; the United States territory line is 12 nautical miles off the coastline.

The ship, the SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, had been seen near Havana in January 2015, and last sailed near the United States Coast as far back as April 2015. 

The Russian Ship is capable of measuring U.S Naval Sonar capabilities and can intercept communications or signals, known as SIGINT. The ship is also armed with surface-to-air missiles.

The sighting of the Russian Spy Ship is the first such instance under the Trump administration. Ironically, this happened the same day that the Kremlin covertly deployed controversial cruise missiles within Russian borders buzzing a U.S. Naval destroyer. This was confirmed by U.S. Officials to Fox news.

This was not the first time that Russia has launched cruise missiles.  U.S. officials have also confirmed that two such launches happened in different locations inside their borders this past December. First reported by the New York Times, the missiles which at the time were in a testing phase, had been witnessed by the Obama Administration and was deemed a violation of the 1987 treaty between the United States and Russia that prohibited the “ground-launch of intermediate-range missiles.”

Apparently, sanctions from the previous Administration have not been a deterrent since Russia has continued with their program.  It would appear they are testing the fledgling Trump administration which has been publically seeking better relations with them. This comes right after the resignation of National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who resigned Monday in the wake of a scandal regarding his communications with the Russias Ambassador before Trump’s inauguration.

Adding to the rising aggression from the Kremlin, The Washington Free Beacon confirmed that four Russian Jets buzzed the USS Porter in the Black Sea on Friday.  Navy Capt., Danny Hernandez, spokesman for the European Command, told The Washington Free Beacon: “There were several incidents involving multiple Russian aircraft… They were assessed by the commanding officer as unsafe and unprofessional.”

The Russian Missile tests and military action follows in the wake of recent missile test launches by both Iran and North Korea.




Written by KE Dean

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