Lanterns: The Cast of the Birther Conspiracy


The Cast of the Birther Conspiracy

Donald Trump may have outwitted the left-wing media by having them think they were going to get a birther statement on Friday. Instead, Trump made use of the media’s undivided attention to announce the endorsements of military veterans. The media’s reaction to the possibility of a birther statement spawned me to reflect on past facts.

For example:

It was Hillary's campaign that first raised the question of Obama's birthplace by making Obama's Islamic attire photograph public. We then learn Sidney Blumenthal was pushing the birther issue to Hillary's campaign staff.

But the roots to the birther rumor go deeper. Errors in speech, misprints-prints, and even this bio, printed by Barack Obama’s literary agent, all added to raising suspicions to where Obama was born. I say it was Hawaii, and I was never a birther believer. However, let us take a look who added to the conspiracy, albeit innocently.

Michelle Obama stating, “when we visited his home country in Kenya …” Here, I will disclose that I am of Irish descent, born in the great USA. I do not, however, refer to Ireland as my “home country.”  It therefore must be asked whether Michelle’s statement was a revelation of truth, or was it simply a misstatement? Frankly, I believe it was a misstatement.


I think we can all agree that Michelle is not a man. But – believe it or not - but there are those that say she is a man, a transgendered man into a woman. The conspiracy theorists claim one piece of evidence is when Obama was giving a speech and he said “Michael and I.” He misspoke, an innocent error saying Michael instead of Michelle. It happens. Lord knows I misspeak at times. Do you? In other words, just because Obama called Michelle “Michael” doesn't make her a transgender. The same goes with her statement of his home country.

We also have the mailman of Bill Ayres’ parents claiming Mr. and Mrs. Ayres told him they had been hosting an exchange student from Kenya named Barack. These stories fuel the rumor regardless if Trump or Hillary at one time tried to present the possibility.

We can continue with Obama's own Grandmother. In a phone interview, via a translator, Obama’s grandmother goes as far as saying Obama was born in Kenya, and that she was there when it happened. Is this true, false, or another misstatement?

The conspiracy theorists like to point to the literary bio mentioned above that says Obama was born in Kenya, yet the literary agent responsible for the brochure simply said he made a mistake by presumption.

Oh yes, there are no shortages of fuel for conspiracy theorists concerning the birther question. Are Obama’s college records sealed? Some say yes, some say no, and some say they were released two years ago. Conspiracy theorists maintain that, if they are sealed, is due to the fact that the records would would show Obama was born elsewhere. Again, I believe he was born in Hawaii, regardless of whether the conspiracy theorists say the hospital's name on the birth certificate did not exist until years later. Some say it was called the same name since 1931.

But honestly, I would love for the above conspiracies to be true. At this point, in our increasingly lawless society, if I will borrow a line from Hillary and ask, “What difference does it make?”

What I believe to most likely to be the case is the possibility that Obama either claimed to be a foreign exchange student or allowed others to assume that he was. In either scenario, it is possible to see how he might of reaped the benefits being eligible for a larger number of scholarships. But again, I assure you that this is purely speculation. But give me time. Perhaps I can come up with a conspiracy theory of my own.

Written by Marty O'Sullivan

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