Lanterns: My Hopes For President-Elect Trump


My Hopes For President-Elect Trump

With Inauguration Day less than a week away, the American people, both supporters and opponents of President-Elect Donald Trump, have become increasingly vocal regarding the President's agenda. Those who voted for him are excited to see what reforms he can bring to Washington, with one of the biggest hopes being that he will follow through on his promise to "drain the swamp" of political corruption.

Opponents, however, seem destined to block anything President Trump will do during his time in office. This ranges from the repeal of Obamacare, which is already well underway, to Trump's nominees for the Supreme Court, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. Rhetoric suggests many House and Senate Democrats will not support the President at all, which could set a dangerous precedent. 

One hope I had for President-Elect Trump was that he would work to end some of the partisan stigma and bickerings that have plagued the Legislative and Executive branches during Obama's Presidency. A good portion of this bickering came from President Obama himself, who grew increasingly hostile towards Congress as the balance of power shifted more towards the Republican Party. 

When President Obama and Congress did agree on something, it was with a small majority and generally, there was some "backroom deal" made amongst the leadership. This is another thing that must stop under President Trump. Both the Legislative and Executive branches must be accountable and honest with the people. With Democrats vowing to block Trump every step of the way, they are already violating those principles.

Another hope I have for President-Elect Trump is that he will return the Executive branch to one that respects the Constitution. President Obama frequently crossed the line with Constitutional authority by frequently using Executive Orders when Congress didn't do something he liked, or pushed through bills he knew would actually be unconstitutional. 

Those in Congress who called President Obama out for this were frequently criticized, even though they were respected Constitutionalists such as, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz. Although Trump did not talk about the Constitution much during his campaign, it is my hope that those he has surrounded himself with will encourage him to respect the supreme law of the land.

Speaking of those Trump has surrounded himself with, I have significant confidence in a number of Trump's nominees for key cabinet positions. Particularly key will be Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Retired General James "Mad Dog" Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Retired General Michael Flynn for National Security Adviser, General John Kelly as Homeland Security Secretary and Rep. Tom Price as Secretary for Health and Human Services. 

I strongly believe Trump will need to be a President who focuses heavily on foreign affairs and national security, and this time, there are leaders in those fields, with a number of them respected military leaders. 

Jeff Sessions will be a leading voice on the Rule of Law, and will return the Justice Department to respecting our law enforcement across the country, instead of joining agitators in accusing them of murder. Finally, Rep. Price will play a key role right off the bat, as he will be in charge of helping to implement any plans to repeal and replace Obamacare. Hopefully, Trump will take their opinions into consideration significantlly, and does what he can to follow them. 

I also hope that President Trump will follow through on his campaign promises. There is hope that as Trump ran not as a politician, but as a businessman, and that he would attempt to keep more of those promises. He has already gotten to work on bringing jobs back to America and repealing Obamacare. 

Many are excited to see his plans to "drain the swamp" which include supporting a term limits bill in Congress. One thing that really swayed my opinion towards Donald Trump was his strong support of law enforcement. I hope that he continues to support law enforcement in our nation. I also hope he upholds his promise to attempt to "Keep America Safe" as the threat of radical Islamic terrorism is far greater than the current administration cares to admit. 

When making my decision on whom to support during the Republican Primary, it was my hope our new President would be one who could handle tough foreign affairs. While Trump wasn't my first choice, I do believe he can strengthen our position on the world stage. Many have concerns about his supposed relationship with Russia, and that will be on him to prove those concerns false in his first few weeks in office. I believe he will be able to do that early on. 

Overall, I really hope most of all that Donald Trump is a President of the people. While I acknowledge he will not appeal to lower class Americans as other Presidents have tried to do, he has never said he truly understands the struggle. Trump admits he has been successful and lucky in life. For some, this brings hate towards him. For others, myself included, we see this as a man who really wants to spend the next four years trying to help the American people. 

I truly believe he means to "Make America Great Again," but I know myself and other Constitutional Conservatives will be critical if he falls away from that promise during his time as President. For now, we should give hope to our next President while remaining educated and vocal citizens. This is the only way we will succeed down the line. 


For more on our political system over the past few years, check out my book "A Common Man's View on Political Dishonesty." 


Written by Dave Garland

Author of "A Common Man's View on Political Dishonesty." A book that calls out our dishonest leaders

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