Lanterns: Conservatives Aren't the Problem, It's That No One Says 'No'


Conservatives Aren't the Problem, It's That No One Says 'No'

In this show, Jonathon discusses recent comments by Congressman Ted Poe, responds to Bernie Sanders comments on Obamacare repeal killing people, and shares some troubling stories from Europe that are setting dangerous precedent.

Other topics discussed include:

Why is America an exceptional nation?

Founders Constitutional Genius

Article 1 Section 8 the answer?

Party of NO is founders vision

Bernie comments on Obamacare repeal killing folks

Waiting for 4 weeks to see a G.P.

Government seeks to be the world’s parent?

Government solutions to smoking

Dutch case on euthanasia and the precedent it sets

French case on married couple

Wife wins roughly $11000 in damages.

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Written by Jonathon Dunne

Christian Irish lifelong dream of becoming American. Writer, Podcast on Blaze Radio, Public Speaker

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