Lanterns: Fudging the Numbers of Unemployment AGAIN


Fudging the Numbers of Unemployment AGAIN

News reports are out of the unemployment hitting decade lows at 4.4%. 211,000 jobs in April. It has all the makings of the success of making America Great again. Trump supporters are not withholding excitement to share this information. But, is this another distortion of the truth. Even CNN has an interesting video assessment of these numbers (see link here).

For years, conservative media, podcasting and live news, have stood behind the fact that the numbers attributed to BarackObama's success were completely false. The fact that at least 93 million people were no longer in the workforce attributed to the numbers that were not included in the actual tally of Americans that were not working.

Objective reporters have pushed the unemployment numbers between 17-28%, yet, now we have a continuation of the numbers game with no condemnation by conservatives who eviscerated Obama, his administration and his lapdog media who was unashamed to publish "fake news" of low unemployment and a successful economy. Where is the indignation that lashed out against the inaccuracies of yesteryear? Has the #MAGA administration mysteriously created over 80 million jobs since Inauguration Day? Has there been a swell of job growth that has reversed the hopeless trends of unemployment for the last two decades?

If any number under even 10% was illegitimate for President Obama to use during his eight years of presidency, surely this administration cannot benefit from the same inaccurate numbers. What's good for the goose is …

For those who are pro-Trump but excoriated Obama on this issue: are more subjective than you really claimed to be during Obama’s presidency? If there is any integrity in the news we report, let it be found in our ability to not be swayed by political affiliation but unadulterated impartiality and consistency.

Written by Watson Prunier

Battle4Freedom has been the culmination of many things from my life growing up. I'm the oldest of 5 born in NY to Haitian immigrants. I'm a quad but don't know where two of my other siblings are. We grew up in poverty but it helped keep me centered

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