Lanterns: To Stand or Not?


To Stand or Not?

A lot of people are angry about football players not standing for the flag while many others are on the side of those players.

Famous millionaires who have more privileges than most are hardly oppressed.

I have family members who are veterans of the United States Military that I may upset, but it must be said. I WANT football and others to kneel for the National Anthem. That's right, I said I WANT them to.


The first reason is the ones who kneel are the ones whom we know are doing it, getting on the bandwagon so to speak. They are the ones who by doing such action, tells us they are the hypocrites who need to not be taken seriously at all. Those are the ones who, when they get a lucrative commercial deal, we don't purchase what they are advertising. They are the ones who show they believe they are legends in their own minds.

The second reason I WANT them to kneel is that it just makes it easier to start praying. They are already in the right position.

This is exactly what our country needs more than ever—  prayer. This thing about standing for the flag or not standing for the flag is not as important as standing and kneeling for Christ.

I stand and kneel for Christ, and we all should. 

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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