Lanterns: The Dialectic of Desire: Nietzsche, a Conservative Dialectic


The Dialectic of Desire: Nietzsche, a Conservative Dialectic

"God is dead"
-- Friedrich Nietzsche


Friedrich Nietzsche didn't believe in truth. He didn't believe anything was important. He didn't believe in purpose, in life, or in himself. Friedrich was a nihilist, a pessimist, and a relativist and felt that how life is felt determines how life is.

He did believe in the now -- that there was no future, no past, and everything outside the now was fleeting and imagined. He believed in nothing and he believed that nothing was somehow important. Nietzsche believed in change. He believed in a transcendental paradigm-shift in humanity from a good/bad reading of reality to a good/evil dichotomy -- a fundamental transformation he felt was bad.

Nietzsche, however, lacked the ego to be a Leftist. To be a Leftist would require one to admit that the nothingness of everything deserves recognition in an attempt to imply meaning and substance to "his" void -- that some things were important, worthy, and lasting. Nietzsche's ego couldn't allow for that. Nietzsche's ego barely allowed for Nietzsche.

It is also said he lacked a belief in Darwinian Evolution, which seems strange. I wonder what his take on the Right/Left versus right/wrong political dynamic we experience today would be.

Friedrich Nietzsche died, his essence immersed in the nothingness of insanity, and supposedly dropped dead while protecting a horse from being beaten. Was the demise of his mental capacity a reflection on the hypocrisy encountered through the "nothingness" that was he?

It is said that he contracted syphilis at a bordello during his stint in the Prussian military. An argument currently rages over the gender specificity of this house of escape. Maybe his insanity was due to the effects of syphilis and its swiss-cheesing of the brain. Possibly, nothing is certain. Was Nietzsche a materialist?

Does it matter?

"Nietzsche is dead"
-- God

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Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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