Lanterns: Fake News: Serenity Now - A Conservative Dialectic


Fake News: Serenity Now - A Conservative Dialectic

“It’s madness... madness I say”
-- Bill Whittle

Science Desk … ta ta ta ta ta ta
This just in:

Welcoming a new standard—the level of ignorance, theorized as necessary to misconstrue Leftist morality, as actual morality has been postulated into possibility. This anomaly is believed to be housed, cloaked with self-righteousness, and obscured from all known and practiced measures of validation. It is buried deep within the uncharted bowels, contained only by a newly observed, unprecedented thickness found nowhere in nature other than the construct identified as the modern-day Liberal skull. Reclassified, as of one hour ago and newly designated as Homo Cosmopoliticus. 

- the search for the truth is on.

Research scientists here at Fermilab are tucked away under the grounds of the University of Chicago, and safely inoculated from the surrounding, thought-stifling progressive outreach from the urbanite. City-dwellers above cannot decide whether a celebration is in order ... or a drink is needed.

A Scenario: Under the Thumb - Politically Hunkered and Bound to Truth.
Cue in 4 - 3 - 2

The city of Chicago is mayored by the crisis-mongering, Leftist-in-Chief Rahm Emanuel, and also happens to be the birthplace and headquarters of American communism. It is also, as of recently, provides a home field advantage to enraged and radicalized Anarcho-CyberBullies, camouflaged into a benign normalcy utilizing the disguise and methodology of old-school fascism.
These politically charged, entities are joined-at-the-hip through commonly held and rigidly-segregated, sovereign turf with a renegade, gangland element. These apolitical hoodlums proudly sport a home-boy’s allegiance to sex, drugs, money and to the criminality that binds their ruling mobs into a warring, disrespectful and fleeting unity. A cultural dogknot misunderstood as freedom.
Only in the Leftist dystopia of Chicago:
Blessed, by the way less than a year ago and for the first time in everybody’s life with Major League Baseball’s Championship Trophy courtesy of the South-side's bane and the North-side's beloved Cubs.

Regardless, here in Fermilab, atoms are smashed as spirits plunge, exposing a pattern, numerically consistent with expectations following the release of results showing failure of an economic stimulus, similarly sourced through Chicago’s own Godfather of Progress and former POTUS Barack Obama.

In direct spite of the fresh, intellectual swell of Obama’n thought to initiate, in conjunction with a herculean effort, “unfortunately misplaced” the design flawed and was determined as “non-viable” in its post-theoretical application to economic reality at the implementation-of-policy, stage. The launch aborted, this costly disappointment was politically mitigated with a sudden, unprecidented burst of moral certainty, manifested with an un-expectancy exceeding normality and delving deep into the realm of fraudulent.

The witnessing of “nice tries” and self-congratulatory back-patting, invoking, almost hallucinatory imagery of medieval flagellation spawned the investigation at the Fermilab facility, as described. The furthering of this phenomenon, this moral breech throughout the political operatives of the Democrat Party has led to this intensified thrust into a political science, new and never before pondered. A manipulable, inner-space sanctuary - a state of heightened denial hereby cataloged and (with a nod to Seinfeld) entered into the lexicon of psycho-babble as Serenity Now.
Led with powerful influence fed by Democrat desire, a committee, feigning due diligence and bearing the appearance of focused earnesty, have informed us that efforts to consider addressing this matter, more-criminally are currently underway.

This is Johnny Charm live, coming through News to You -- Two
Back to the Studio, Chevy
Serenity Now

In late breaking, addition …

At first, I questioned the authenticity of this image until I remembered that the USAF, did in fact employ the use of gray paint in this theater to camouflage "intent," not structure due to technology and countermeasures comparable to the F-14, not in play south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The historical importance of this condition, deemed “unfortunate” with a measure of southern grace, cannot go unappreciated.

The strafing of opposition forces in the ground-attack role was the accepted method of utilization and enabled because the chance of taking a musket-ball lobbed into an engine intake of the F-14 Tomcat was mitigated with recognition of the rebel propensity not to shoot gray things. That, and knowledge of the Phoenix missile system Grumman’s airframe was engineered to deploy was going to remain unavailable for pert-near, another hunnert or so, some odd years.
This ploy was instituted through the total-war, mindset held by the North and misconstrued, as designed by the gentlemanly, old-world tacticians of the Confederate, command orthodoxy. This level of genius cannot be lost, forgotten or ignored in our common-day era with fake news and alternative facts clouding our judgment and decision-making capabilities.
I would think that this should be beyond obvious.

Sometimes a truth must be processed from points, other than obvious, and concurrent in both directions. The greatest of lies are accepted, often within presence of the obvious truth. In order for truth to be had, it must:
First- Be wanted, and
Second- Be verified

A Conservative Dialectic is a response from a "conservative" point of view that is also a play on the word. This in the manner that cutting loose with both barrels might not seem "conservative," at all. Link here to others

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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