Lanterns: Are You A Conservacrat?


Are You A Conservacrat?

Are you a Conservacrat? SOMEONE WHO Votes Democrat despite being Prolife, Pro-2nd Amendment, a strong supporter of our military, law enforcement, and first responders, a champion of personal responsibility, loves the idea of America and believes in its exceptionalism?


How many Conservacrats do you have in your circle of influence? I’ll bet there are a few you know on Facebook. I’ve got some on my friends list. If I were the wagering kind, I’d bet their parents were Democrats. Sadly, the Democrat Party isn’t who they used to be, and no longer stands for things for which they used to stand. 

Party loyalists, who still vote democrat even though they’re no longer aligned with the Democrat platform, are everywhere. My husband’s father is a prime example. He worked in a tire plant at a time when a Union was necessary, and was the Shop Steward for 10 — 12 years. He’s always been a Democrat, and he never misses a vote, knowing how important and precious is our right to choose our representatives. He’s fiercely anti-abortion, steadfastly pro-gun, and far too proud and self-reliant to ever consider food stamps or welfare of any kind. He believes in personal responsibility, is a Vet, and loves our men and women in uniform, whether military, law enforcement, or first responder. Yet, he goes to the polls and pulls the lever for a straight Democrat ticket, every single time. 

Changing With The Times


I know so many of these folks. Just try to suggest they’re voting against their interests. You’ve never seen such a display of sputtering and stammering. The response I usually get is, “It’s none of your damn business” or “I don’t want to discuss it.” They’re good people, they just don’t understand how drastically the Party has shifted Left. 

I don’t know exactly when it happened. I think it was a long process with lots of baby steps. Ronald Reagan was in office when I came of age to vote, and I was thrilled to pull the lever for him. Politics was always chatted about in our home, and we just loved Ronnie Reagan, as did so many. He had a gift for getting around the press and speaking directly to the American people. He was inspiring and funny, and very approachable for a tired, worn constituency. He even inspired many on the Left who crossed over to vote him into office twice. We called them Reagan Democrats. 

President Reagan was probably the first person I knew of who’d moved from the Democrat Party to the Republican side. He spoke of it matter of factly saying, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.” It made sense to me at the time, but from the vantage point of an additional 30 years, I can now see an enormous chasm between where the Left used to stand and where they are now. There appears to be an even larger void between the way they used to speak to their fellow man, and the way they now choose to put people in groups with ugly labels rather than take each person as an individual. 

The Nerds of Politics


It must be very difficult for those who suddenly find themselves more aligned with the Right than the Left, because the Left shows no mercy whatsoever to defectors. I’ve read too many stories by folks who used to be active in Leftist causes, only to be dragged through the muck and mire for merely questioning a policy or issue. In this hostile environment, it’s full compliance, or the boot. Conservatism is not in Vogue these days. We aren’t the anti-poor, anti-compassion, anti women ogres, though, which the Left proclaims we are; we just have different ideas, and bring a different perspective to the table.

There’s so much we could agree on if avenues of dialogue could be opened and diversity of ideas and thoughts welcomed. I remember that life when I was a little girl. This reign of misery, and the rise of a class of victims who demand preposterous “rights” and get them, are destroying our country. In fact, it may be too late to save America, only time will tell. It’s imperative that we stand for what is right, and stop worrying about labels.


Written by Julie Custer

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