Lanterns: Huffington Post Claims White People Only Excel in 'Excessive Eating,' Discrimination, and 'Saluting Like Nazis'


Huffington Post Claims White People Only Excel in 'Excessive Eating,' Discrimination, and 'Saluting Like Nazis'

In a poor attempt at humor, The Huffington Post posted a piece mocking white people, claiming whites are only good at excessive eating, discriminating against blacks, and “saluting like Nazis.”

In 2016, the liberal news site sparked interest from readers over a published satirical piece written by Ben Cosgrove, where he highlighted the areas in which white people truly excel.

Cosgrove wrote, “White people are good at killing other white people.” He noted, “over 80 percent of white people, are killed by whites.” He then implied that this is solely an issue in the white community, however, he didn’t bother to mention that over 90 percent of African Americans are killed by African Americans. Statistically, the data indicates the problem is with racial groups, not white people.

He then went on to suggest that NASA was racist. “To date, only 12 people have walked on the moon. They were all white guys.” It’s not too surprising that they believe NASA is racist since the left uses the word racism casually, injecting it into everything. Just last year The Post called the NRA racist, and days ago The Atlantic claimed the solar eclipse was racist because it crossed areas populated mostly with white people.

Along with NASA, though, Cosgrove also believed the judicial system is racially biased against blacks. Because more blacks are arrested for drug use than whites, he believes the corrupt system is aiming to detain blacks purposely by police who are on duty in neighborhoods with minorities.

“Blacks are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as whites — a discrepancy that might be due to racial bias, more aggressive policing in minority neighborhoods, or other law-enforcement vagaries,” Cosgrove wrote.

However, his criticism of the prisons destroys his white male narrative, because 90 percent of males fill up the prisons. Does this mean the judicial system is sexist against men?

Cosgrove followed up by mocking white people for eating too much and disappointing those who go hungry every day. The implication is that white people are obese, and minorities watch in amazement and jealousy of their indulgence in food.

“A weirdly high percentage of the highest ranked competitive eaters in the world — men and women, alike — are white,” Cosgrove writes. “This is exactly the sort of accomplishment that billions of people in the nonwhite world look upon with astonishment and envy. And empty bellies. And disgust. But mostly envy.”

The author brushed to the next topic, where he recalled the old TV show “Fear Factor,” a dare game show where contestants would compete against one another in gross and dangerous challenges for a large amount of cash. Cosgrove singled out a moment in the show where a couple of white people decided to drink donkey semen.

Because of this couple, Cosgrove scoffed at white people for participating in this disgusting challenge, despite all races and sexes participating in equally gross challenges.

Next, he insisted that white people were “Keeping Non-Whites From Voting.” He explained how white Republicans were blocking minorities from voting.

“Give it up for the bright, white GOP: when it wants to make voting more difficult, instead of more accessible, for millions of Americans.” He continued. “In fact, this year’s presidential election was the first in 50 years in which full protections of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act were not enforced across the land. Talk about supremacy!”

The GOP cited voter fraud as a reason tighten up the voting laws. It has been proven that illegal immigrants, those who impersonate dead people are voting,  and others who vote repeatedly.

The piece neatly concluded in the same vein, “Saluting Like Nazis.” 

Cosgrove wrote, “As a recent alt-right conference in Washington, DC, makes plain, white people are still simply the best at giving Nazi-style salutes while hollering original slogans like, “Hail Trump! Hail our people!”

Cosgrove said that by “our people,” the crowd was talking about their race, not their country. It’s true that Richard Spencer, the alt right white supremacist, was at the event, but Cosgrove implied that the conference was a white supremacist meeting.

He continued:

“Now, by ‘our people,’ the uber-homogeneous conference crowd might have been referring to the marvelously diverse, pluralistic society we’ve built here in America over centuries.” 

“But seeing as how keynote speaker and alt-right Grand Poobah Richard B. Spencer assured his audience that white people must “conquer or die’ and that America ‘belongs to us,’ the attendees probably did mean, ‘hail whites!’ after all. Which makes those straight-arm salutes that much more … Nuremberg-y.”

The list created by Cosgrove didn’t include accomplishments such as the invention of electricity, the telephone, the Internet, the communication satellite, the metric system, vaccinations, automotive transformation, and the ending slavery. Instead, readers endured an article written, ironically, by a white male who was cavalier about his racism.


Written by Christian Montoya

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