Lanterns: Political Activists Troll CPAC with Russian Flags


Political Activists Troll CPAC with Russian Flags

Russian flags with the name “Trump” imprinted on them were confiscated at the Conservative Political Action Conference just as President Trump was to begin his highly anticipated speech on Friday morning.  Sightings of the flags, which were being waved enthusiastically by some attendees, had spread rapidly via social media.

The distribution of the flags was orchestrated by left-wing activists, Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton, who were associated with the protest group Americans Take Action.  Ryan Clayton is also contributing reporter for the Huffington Post.  The two pranksters purchased tickets to the event and handed out nearly 1,000 flags until CPAC organizers caught on to the shenanigans.  

Charter said the purpose of the joke was to mock President Trump's alleged relationship with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.  Most CPAC attendees, excitedly anticipating the President’s arrival, didn't seem to realize the red, white, and blue flag was Russian.  Charter said, “I think it says a lot about Donald Trump’s base and their education level.  I don't want to insult anyone, but I think you should know what the Russian flag is. They are one of the world's major powers, and it's a pretty easily recognized flag."  An attendee who took one of the “Trump Flags” believes there is more behind this action than just a simple prank.  “The guy that handed me a flag is a reporter for HuffPo.  Everyone knows that HuffPo leans left.  I think this is a case of a reporter pushing a false narrative to generate fake news,” the young lady said.  



Written by Traci Belmonte

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