Lanterns: An Open Letter to President Trump


An Open Letter to President Trump

President Trump:

For the last three decades, the Republican establishment has been employing a very effective smokescreen to continue to nullify the will of the people and the defenders of our constitutional freedoms. They have time and time again told us that we must choose Presidential Candidates that are centrists to be able to win the national election. Well, they gave us “Marvin Milquetoast McCain, ” and we got romped. Then they gave us “Placebo Romney,” and we got romped again. Last November, the people finally had enough of all the Republican RINO candidates and voted for an outsider that promised to “drain the swamp.”

In your speech at CPAC, you sent a message to the globalist establishment that you were President of the United States—not the world. You said, “America first.” And in spite of the establishment media doing everything they could to lie, cheat, and smear your name, you have stood tall and continued fulfilling your promises to the American workers. I have been duly impressed by your stamina and determination.

The biggest test of your presidency, however, is now at your doorstep—the repeal of ObamaCare. I would like to remind you that it was the Republican establishment that did everything they could to knock you off during the campaign. They are not your friends. They are your enemy, no matter how much they flatter you with words. The AHCA that the Republican establishment crafted behind closed doors is a land mine meant to destroy you in the future.

It does not repeal ObamaCare. It only repackages it in a clever form to deceive the people. It benefits not the working man but the rich globalists who run them like puppets on a string. If this is forced upon us, it will become the best propaganda the Democrats could ever hope for, and it will go badly for us in 2018. It does not reduce the cost of Health Care for the workingman, and it does not stop the entitlement train that is hell-bent on wrecking our economy.

You, Mr. President, promised that we, the working people of America, would no longer be forgotten. I have been impressed by how much you have accomplished thus far to fulfill the promises you gave us. But if you allow the Republican establishment to pass this bill, it will become the first promise you have broken to us.

You, Mr. President, are in a position to radically change our future to make America great again. If you really repeal ObamaCare completely and pass the tax reforms you have promised, the economic engine of our great nation will once again become a power house of industry, technology, and prosperity. History will look upon your efforts as a Second American Revolution.

However, if you allow the establishment to foil your promise to completely and utterly repeal ObamaCare and allow the entitlement train to continue down its track of ultimate destruction, it will become the best propaganda ever for the Democrats in 2018. Once again the establishment is using the true and tried smokescreen of being centrist and bowing to the liberals. Please, Sir, you are our last great hope. Stand with us against them and save our children’s future by ending the entitlement train whose only purpose is the progressivist goal of bankrupting our future and ramming socialism down our throat.

I escaped Cuba to flee the collectivist trap that brings forth centralization of power and the loss of individual freedom. There is no place to go from here. This is the last trench, and you alone can stop what these wolves in sheep’s clothing are doing. May God give you clarity to see through their clever smokescreens.

I became an American citizen on the 4th of July, in the Bicentennial Year of 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in front of the Liberty Bell—by choice. I am an immigrant that has embraced the American dream that this nation is a government of the people. You are in a “do or die” situation, and we shall all die with you if you allow the wolves to pull the wool over your eyes. May God protect you and empower you with courage and wisdom to become the greatest President in our history.

Written by Henry Patino

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