Lanterns: Deep Swamp Diving with James Comey: The 5 Biggest Takeaways from his Testimony


Deep Swamp Diving with James Comey: The 5 Biggest Takeaways from his Testimony

The average American is fed up!

They don’t care one iota about this absurd Russia story! They care about jobs, security, and the fact that Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. They care that the man they elected to drain the Washington Swamp, improve the economy, and keep us safe, is being upended from doing his job because of a fairytale that has not been supported by one shred of evidence! Is it any wonder why the people elected a gruff-talking, non-political businessman from Queens?

While Washington DC closed down to watch this week’s political theater on Thursday, the average American was still hurting and begging for the Congress to get to work!

The Comey Show was entertaining and revealing; here are the five biggest takeaways from James Comey’s testimony:

  1. COMEY DETESTS TRUMP: It was painfully obvious that Comey will not be sharing any “Best Friends” bracelets with the President anytime soon. 
  1.  KABOOM! Comey busted the Mainstream Media’s assault on President Trump being investigated by the FBI or colluding with Russia. He also said there was a lot of fake news reports; I guess those were the ones he didn’t leak.
  1. LEAKY COMEY: Comey admitted to leaking the contents of the infamous “Trump Memo” to the press. He claimed he became unsettled after the President posted a Tweet alluding to “tapes” of their private conversation. Comey was so unsettled that he didn’t send the memos to the Congressional Oversight Committee; he had them leaked through a friend to the New York Times. Since when does a subordinate choose which Oval Office conversations are subject to Executive Privilege?
  1. SPECIAL PROSECUTOR: Comey testified that another reason he chose to leak his memo to the Press was to invoke the need for a “Special Prosecutor” in the Russia investigation. Sounds like an angry man with an ax to grind leaked governmental property because he wanted retribution.
  1. LYING LORETTA: The only election-rigging allegations that were proven were that of Loretta Lynch who instructed the FBI Director to change the language of the investigation and call it a “matter” vs an investigation. The word “matter” referred to Hillary Clinton’s email debacle and was the preferred language of the Clinton Campaign. I’m not a law expert, but this sounds like election tampering to me.

Will James Comey be investigated?  How about Loretta Lynch?  Sound off in the comments below and listen to more political analysis on Lanterns.Buzz!


Written by Traci Belmonte

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