Lanterns: Who Is Destroying Christianity?


Who Is Destroying Christianity?

These days Christians are getting it from all sides. Atheists don't want Christianity. Radical Muslims kill Christians in Middle Eastern countries. Many non- Christians question and criticize things they don’t understand or disagree with.  It seems all of these things are working to attack and destroy Christianity, but who is really destroying it?

When you really look at it, some Christians, themselves, are playing a role in its destruction. Think about it for a minute— some people want to pick and choose which part of the Bible or God's laws to follow. They are supposed to follow all of it, not some. People will even quote chapter and verse if it suits them or they think it will help them win a disagreement. Usually when I see the chapter and verse they quote, I look at the verse before and after to see the context in which it was meant to be used, and many times, they are actually proven wrong. 

The idea for me writing this stemmed from hearing people say they are “spiritual” when asked if they believe in God or follow Jesus or are part of a practicing church. All of those things ARE Spiritual. So why not say “YES, I believe in God,” or “YES, I follow Jesus,” or “I’m a practicing member of a Church.” It just seems that if you are a follower of Christ, you ARE a Christian, so why hide and call yourself “spiritual?”

Other times people within Christianity help destroy it by even arguing over what a church is. Do we really need to have any arguments, especially THAT one? We should understand that the Church is not a building; it is the people who make up the body of Jesus Christ. It sure is nice to be able to meet in a building and be out of the rain or heat and have electricity, though, isn't it?

Others are hung up because most churches have 501-3 (c) status. This makes the church building a business (Non- Profit), but it is still a business.  This also means the Government is involved because of the status. What most people don't seem to realize is that in order to be able to be a church building, you HAVE to file as 501-3 (c) or you can't call it a church building. Why not be worried about a church building that spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars on instruments or a fancy sound system or providing airplanes to their pastors? When I see things like that, I can't help but think of all the less fortunate people that could have been helped, instead of spending it on things the church building really didn't need.

So many things are happening from within Christianity to destroy it that the atheists, radical Muslims, and nonbelievers need not worry. All they have have to do is sit back and let the destruction keep happening until Christianity is non-existent.

So, for those of us who call ourselves believers of God's word,  those of us who are walking with Jesus, now is the time to step up. Stop the in-fighting. Stop picking and choosing which part of God's word fits your purposes when ALL of it should. Let us not keep destroying our beloved belief from the inside and start BEING Christians.

God loves you.

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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