Lanterns: Trumpty-Dumpty's Big Fall


Trumpty-Dumpty's Big Fall

It really does appear that the GOP is circling the wagons around front runner Donald Trump. They keep saying he’s not “their” guy, but he’s the Republican nominee. It’s almost like they’re going to have to “go along” to “get along”. That is until Hillary wins of course and then they’ll settle back into their comfort zone of being the NO opposition party and the party of NO ideas and the party of NO desire to govern. Think about this: “Crybaby” Boehner makes a funny, supportive appearance in Obama’s mock-umentary of himself at the Correspondence Dinner the other evening, which was the final proof necessary that Obama has been acting like the President of the United States from the beginning, while simultaneously stating that Ted Cruz is the “worst son-of-a-bitch” he’s ever had to work with in Congress and then compared Sen. Cruz to Lucifer and then pronouncing himself and Trump “texting buddies”. Rep. Peter King (NY) was quick to point out and clarify the former Speaker of the House’s remarks by saying, “To compare Ted Cruz to Lucifer, gives Lucifer a bad name”. Current Speaker of the House and my expected GOP nominee, Paul Ryan, recently exclaimed that “Mr. Trump’s positions and the positions of the GOP bear no light between them. They are exactly the same”. But I digress…

Mr. Trump really is the gift that keeps on giving; for the Democrats. His life going back 40 years is riddled with scandals and things that ABSOLUTELY stand to make life for Congressional and Senatorial campaigns across America a nightmare. In this post, I am not going to comment on the details of any one particular scandal, as that would make my post impossible to read, too lengthy for anyone to care but terribly disturbing nevertheless because you will hear about these again. They will be brought to light and discussed and dissected. I am writing this post as a marker in time. To say that I knew and I shared in the hopes of turning many from the mistake that is to come. I will list the scandals and I would encourage you to do your own research and become familiar with the detail of each. They are easy to find and mostly in the public record.

At one time, I really believed that this was the year of Reagan vs. Mondale. In some ways, I still believe it can be and will be. I never figured to be on the Mondale side of things. EVER. Here goes your list for HOMEWORK: The Beauty Pageant Scandals Racial Housing Discrimination Mafia Ties Trump University Tenant Intimidation The Four Bankruptcies The Undocumented Polish Workers Alleged Marital Rape Breaking Casino Rules Antitrust Violations  Condo Hotel Shenanigans Corey Lewandowski Suing Journalist Tim O’Brien for Libel  Affairs/Sexual Proclivities Rape of 13-year-old Katie Johnson Affiliations with Jeffrey Epstein, convicted pedophile Trump Escort Service

Mr. Trump will need to hire Kerry Washington to run against Hillary and probably become his Chief of Staff were he to make it into the White House. But not even Ms. Washington, with some of pop culture’s best writers on the small screen, will be able to put Trumpty-Dumpty back together again.

Written by Trey Roberts

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