Lanterns: One of History’s greatest Crossover Fights Set for August 26th


One of History’s greatest Crossover Fights Set for August 26th


After all of the speculation, questions, and doubts, the Connor McGregor vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight is officially set.

The UFC champion and the undefeated boxing champion are set to fight on August 26th. The desire to see this fight has been highly anticipated all year. Someone even created a Punch-Out style animation to mockingly simulate the fight.

McGregor has been trying to lure someone into the ring. He’s talked smack about Brock Lesnar, pro wrestling, every fighter he’s ever fought, Mayweather, and even Jesus.

This arrogant, O’Doul’s pint-sized leprechaun said that he could beat Jesus in the octagon. Does McGregor really think he stands a prayer against the one who knocked down an entire Roman army by merely uttering the words “I am he?” Yeah, good luck with that. But in God’s mercy, He lovingly sent the boxer who loves to hug and do prom slow dances in the middle of the ring, in His stead.

Which leads us to the question: who will prevail, the Irish river dancing fool or the slow prom dancing fool?

McGregor’s last UFC fight was his victory against Eddie Alvarez, for the lightweight title, via TKO. This fight was historic because McGregor went up a weight class to gain this title.

However, another equally historic fight was his KO victory against Jose Aldo for the featherweight title because Aldo went undefeated since 2006 and has had the WEC/UFC belt since 2009. Mcgregor has only suffered three losses in his career. So as arrogant as he has been, he’s been able to back up the smack talking.

Mayweather’s record is without blemish (49-0), and he has beaten some high caliber fighters, including Oscar De La Hoya, Jose Luis Castillo, and even Manny Pacquiao. However, it’s obvious that Mayweather has dodged Pacman like the plague and waited until he was past his prime to fight him. When the fight finally happened, he managed to turn the anticipated slug fest into a hug fest. Someone cue “All My Life” by KC and JoJo because I never saw so much slow dancing in my life.

On top of all the cowardice, Mayweather has managed to run his mouth showing he has no shortage of arrogance. Floyd has been running his mouth, and the anger amongst some has grown with each win. Manny was what many saw as Mayweather’s best shot at losing. But somehow, the cowardly, arrogant one managed to hug and slow dance his way into keeping his title and undefeated record intact.

For a long time, many have wanted to see Mayweather get knocked out and some hope McGregor will do it. However, some hate McGregor more than Mayweather. When the leprechaun decided he could whoop Jesus, that made him more arrogant than Mayweather.

So, does the younger, more arrogant MMA fighter have a chance to beat the boxer who retired undefeated? The opportunity for this fight with a leprechaun for one more pot of gold lured Mayweather for one more fight (over $100 million for McGregor, so you know Mayweather’s ego won’t let him be paid any less).

Connor may be an MMA fighter and not a boxer, but his specialty is boxing and he’s been able to put down the best with one stiff shot. Connor has an unorthodox style when he dances around with his weird Irish jigs, leaving his hands down.

Will Mayweather knock him out when he leaves his hands down? Will he subdue the lord of the dance with a great big hug and a kiss or a slow dance? Or, will the 28-year-old pint of O’Doul’s land that stiff hook that will finally put out the 40-year-old cocky coward?

Only time will tell.



Written by Devan Safer

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