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The word of the day may actually work, today, in my neck of the woods. I received this post last night:  “****Tuesday Sidewalk Counselors: Thank the Lord…. all the kill centers will be closed tomorrow! PP Orlando & Kissimmee, AWHC, EPOC, OWC…. all closed tomorrow!!!!

For a few hours, anyway, “pre-born” life will actually be inalienable in Central Florida. After all, even abortionists want to celebrate their independence with fireworks and festivities!

I’m looking forward to our family celebration with excitement, hopeful that my grandson won’t be frightened by the noise of his daddy’s extravagant fireworks display. My daughter, Renee, was just marveling at God’s timing yesterday after it took ten years for them to conceive their wonderful gift of God, but he was surely worth the wait! Ironically, he can only celebrate these so-called “inalienable rights” because he was planned. Unfortunately, today, children are only real in America if they are wanted. There are mothers in this city who are planning to deny this right to life because the law of the land is no longer based on the logic of The Declaration of Independence.

Charlie Gard is a name on all our lips today. In case you’re one of the few not following the story of this family’s fight to seek treatment in the United States despite the determination by his hospital that he is better off dead, then you may not realize that even President Trump has weighed in on the issue since treatment may well be available here. Even the Vatican Hospital has offered medical services! Yesterday, there were even protests in the streets on Charlie’s behalf. One thing is crystal clear: Charlie Gard is wanted! Tragically, Charlie and my grandson do not represent all children.

I do what I can through writing, blogging, social media, and mostly, prayer. I occasionally show up on the sidewalk of an abortion clinic with my counseling team as a backup; mostly, I am one of their prayer partners. Trust me, we all know that it will take a miracle!  In her heart, the baby is already dead to the mother, and according to the law, his inalienable rights are pure fiction! I rejoice with them when a mother decides against all odds to leave the abortion clinic still pregnant. 

Sadly, in Oregon, they are so excited about abortion that it is free for all citizens whether legal or not! No, there is no protest for the unborn going on, today.

So, maybe you can begin to understand why I’m not celebrating wholeheartedly this morning. Tomorrow will be another day of business as usual at Planned Parenthood, and I will pay for babies to be murdered because their mother has determined that he or she is not a real person based on the propaganda being pushed daily by politicians and the media. Abortion has become one of the most convenient forms of birth control since no forethought is required.

God help us to repent, America.

As we celebrate our independence, we must remember that only a self-governing person is capable or deserving of the freedom we celebrate today. Unless we are willing to defend the right to life, we are in constant danger of losing it. After all, we left Europe for a reason, friend. 

Written by Christine Hammett

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