Lanterns: Reverend Hillary?


Reverend Hillary?

Did you hear? Could it be true?

Hillary Clinton is considering becoming a minister. I don't know if she is still thinking about it but, wow, the mere thought is mindboggling.

I know people have existed who have done terrible things and later turned to God. The Apostle Paul was one such person. He had many people killed and even traveled places to witness killings. He even went into some homes and condemned people to death.

There are many other examples are in the Bible of people doing horrible things, repenting, and then spreading the gospel. But, Reverend Hillary? Let's hope she reconsiders.

Why is it that those of the past can be forgiven, yet Hillary can not?  It comes down to a single word:  repentance.  I don't see HRC repenting. She still continues to live in a fantasy world where she is perfect and is blameless. She never takes responsibility for any of the lies and terrible things she’s done.

Of course, I never like to question people when they decide to repent and change their lives and live for God but, the key word as I said earlier is “ repent.”

I don't know if Mrs. Clinton has been to Seminary. I know I haven't. I don't know if she has any kind of theological training. Al Sharpton never attended Seminary and was ordained around ten years of age. Today one can go online and become ordained in just a few quick minutes. 

I would like you to think about something for just a minute. Rev. Hillary Clinton. Delivering sermons, performing weddings, baptizing... This may or may not still happen, but if it does, I can only hope that she will take it seriously and repent.


Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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