Lanterns: Stop with the Tantrums and THINK...


Stop with the Tantrums and THINK...

Vegas hasn’t seen the kind of hype coming ahead of tonight CNN GOP debate since the great Mike Tyson was schedule to destroy someone in the ring. And believe me, CNN would love the GOP candidates to fight like heavyweight boxers tonight as well. I’m just not sure that this is the sort of thing that benefits and advances conservatism and having a real chance at electing a conservative President. I’m not surprised at Trump’s popularity or support or even his poll numbers. He yells and bullies and punches back at the very people who yell and bully and punch at the American people all the time: the media, the democrats, the establishment, beltway politicians, etc. He’s tapped into an angry electorate, but as most people know, it’s easier to just be angry and reactionary than to stay calm, articulate and constitutionally policy driven. What has surprised me is the support by so many claiming Tea Party credentials. People that I know understand the Constitution and what’s at stake. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how these people claiming to be a part of the movement I helped to found and believed in, were out there touting a guy who is just as outlandish as Obama, just as outside the Constitution when it comes to solutions for the country and ideas of governing. His supporters are rabid, passionate to a fault, and unable or unwilling, I can’t always tell, to determine what Trump says that is inflated rhetoric to get media coverage and what is actually able to be accomplished as a President. As Liberals/Progressives start to waken to the fact that Conservatives don’t support Trump they will make the claim that our “agenda” isn’t supported by Trump because he’s pro-jobs and pro-business and pro-growth. Which is lame because a smaller government, less burdensome regulations and lower taxes will absolutely grow jobs, business and the economy overall, but I am OFFICIALLY concerned that we are in more dangerous times than we realize. Tonight won’t be interesting at all. It will dissolve into pettiness and attacks the only people hurt will be people not angry enough to support Trump, not establish enough to support Christie, Rubio, or Bush, not willing enough to support Carson or Fiorina, understanding enough not to support Paul or Kasich. So Conservatives. Constitutional Conservatives are the only ones who have something to lose tonight.

Written by Trey Roberts

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