Lanterns: The Shooting and Death of Joe McKnight in Gretna, LA


The Shooting and Death of Joe McKnight in Gretna, LA

After seeing Florida and Ferguson, Gardner and Rice, the false narrative of open season by armed white people against unarmed black people has reared it’s ugly head less than 5 minutes from my home. A beloved local prep star and former NFL hometown hero was tragically gunned down in Gretna, LA. It is absolutely unbelievable how 24 hours can change and shape a narrative into a false narrative, cause an eyewitness to become an alleged eyewitness and question why the real media behaves so irresponsibly.

When reports of Joe McKnight’s death came out, it appeared that a wonderful young man, chasing his goals and dreams was gunned down by a white man in broad daylight ending the life and hopes of pursuing the only thing he was born to do; play football. All we knew from the early reports is that Joe was dead, the shooter admitted to killing him, the shooter didn’t leave the scene and eyewitnesses were reporting that the “white guy” was standing over poor Joe as he was apparently dying yelling “I told you not to f*** with me!” Joe’s stepfather made the impassioned defense that Joe was not a “troubled young man.” Joe’s former high school coach, J.T. Smith, even commented on the record of the tragic nature of the loss of such a wonderful young man. The media reported that there were 5 shots made into Joe McKnight, the final two while the shooter stood over Joe begging for his life and “apologizing” for some misunderstanding. Does any of this sound familiar?

Trayvon Martin wasn’t a little kid skipping home with Skittles and Kool-aid in tow. Michael Brown wasn’t a gentle giant begging for his life in a “hands up; don’t shoot” sort of way. Michael Gardner was simply being harassed by NYPD cops. And Tamir Rice was swinging on a swing and refused to comply with police. Every narrative that has come out of the media in almost all of these cases that in just as many cases led to the rioting and looting, aka protesting that is unnecessary, illegal and unjustified under our constitutional republic.

Here’s what we do know as of today and more will undoubtedly come out in the next days and weeks.

  1. Joe McKnight and the shooter had an incident on the Crescent City Connection bridge that is classified as a road rage incident.

  2. Joe McKnight chased the shooter in his vehicle from the bridge to the place of shooting for over 2 miles and through 2 major thoroughfares.

  3. The shooter never got out of his car.

  4. All shots were fired from within the car of the shooter.

  5. Joe McKnight got out of his car.

  6. Joe McKnight’s injuries, some of which proved fatal, were not conducive with a downward style or lesser ground position.

  7. There were only 3 wounds and only 3 shots made into Joe McKnight; not 5.

  8. All shell casings were inside the shooter’s vehicle.

  9. The shooter never stood over Joe McKnight as he was dying.

  10. The shooter never told Joe McKnight that “You shouldn’t have f***** with me!”

  11. There was no altercation outside of the vehicle.

  12. The shooter admitted that he shot Joe McKnight.

  13. The shooter never uttered anything about President-Elect Donald Trump.

These are the facts as we know them today. This seems like Joe McKnight got himself killed do to foolishness and poor decision making. Pride may have gotten Joe McKnight killed; Joe’s pride. The only side that any of us should be on is the side of the law and although I disagree with Sheriff Newell Normand on many issues, I am proud of how he and the men and women of the JPSO have handled the situation and I am confident that they will investigate to the utmost of their abilities and we will know the entire story surrounding this tragic event. Pray for justice to be served, peace to be maintained and for all parties involved to be SOBER-MINDED.


Written by Trey Roberts

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