Lanterns: Killing the American Camelot


Killing the American Camelot

At 11:30 this morning, a gunman dressed completely in black, wearing a bulletproof vest and began shooting at the fifty members of that congregation that were worshipping God at a small Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.  Twenty-six of them were senselessly killed, including the 14-year-old daughter of Pastor Pomeroy. Those who survived were wounded.

The gunman was confronted  and disarmed by a citizen across and then dropped his weapon and fled in a car. The citizen pursued and continued to fire on him, until his vehicle crashed and was cornered less than five miles away. The Sherrif's Department is now reportedly saying they do not know if he died from a self inflicted gun shot or was killed by the citizen in pursuit.

Sutherland Springs is a town of 400 people who are used to living in peace without locking their front doors and leaving the keys in their cars while they are inside their church. Such towns are our American Camelot.

The police report tonight gave absolutely no clue as to his motive. But you can count on the mass media frantically calling for gun control. Were it not for that brave citizen with his own gun, maybe all of those in attendance would be dead now.

Here is my fear: It just so happens that today is the 8th year anniversary to the day of the Ft. Hood massacre. Given the Islamist penchant for using meaningful dates to commit their atrocities, a red flag went up in my head. This is exactly the kind of place that ISIS would like to hit in order to create fear in the heart of every American. What I fear is that that the government may want to hide this truth in order to avoid this fear, but, if we do not begin to understand exactly what we are up against, we will not take the actions necessary to end this threat.

I fear that like in Las Vegas, we may never know why this was done. I pray to God that I am wrong. May God pour grace upon those families now so tragically affected by this wicked action. May God open our eyes to the cosmic battle that is raging like a wild fire throughout our planet. Come Lord and end this nightmare. Bring peace and righteousness back to this Earth that the Camelot we lost in the Garden could be restored.

Written by Henry Patino

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I find it interesting that a man completely dressed in black like the ISIS soldiers, was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for his violent attacks on his wife and child, which is a consistent response of a husband under Sari'a Law, would for no reason at all pick out Christians on the anniversary of the Ft Hood massacre and strike at the heart of our American Camelot. And yet no mention of any connection to radical Islamic terrorism. Something is really fishy here.

This guys is either a Muslim convert or a rabid atheist perhaps in the occult. No one just goes out to kill Christians in such a manner without their soul being wrapped in demonic darkness.

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