Lanterns: The Solution to Terrorism is Not Dealing with the Symptoms


The Solution to Terrorism is Not Dealing with the Symptoms


Last night, London was hit with yet another heinous terrorist attack as a rented van plowed over pedestrians in the London Bridge area. Three Islamic jihadis exited the van to mercilessly stab victims at a nearby restaurant. As was the case after last week’s attack in Manchester, authorities stressed that citizens go on with their daily lives and not let fear stop them.

It seems to me, however, that Europe and America are stuck in an ineffective paradigm of dealing with the symptoms of terrorism after the fact rather than preventing them. How will family members of those savagely killed go on normally after the death of their daughters, sons, wives, husbands, fathers, and mothers?

To be sure, an aspirin to keep the fever down is nice, but the proper treatment of an illness may be an antibiotic. Authorities seem to be stuck chasing the rabbit into holes instead of striving to seal the holes.

How many more innocent lives will be sacrificed at the altar of globalism as the political leaders continue pressing immigration policies intended to erase our national distinctions How much more innocent blood must soak the soil of Europe and America before leaders understand that their immigration policies and absurd political correctness are providing an umbrella of protection to those who wish to bring down our western national governments? Even with all the British soldiers spread around town after the Manchester massacre, people were still killed and they could do nothing to prevent it.

Our paradigm must change. We must understand that the politically correct ideology of the globalists is the direct cause of these deaths. The blood of the innocent is in their hands.

“Enough is enough,” says Theresa May. Well, it was enough a long time ago, and yet what concrete measures will the British government take? Will they build pylons in every sidewalk in England? That will not work. Will they hire one million intelligence agents to be able to follow the 23,000 known Jihadists? No, they cannot afford that.

I believe the best measures to take are to strip the passports of every single Jihadist that the English intelligence is aware of. They need to send the army to pick up every single one of these suspected terrorists and kick them out of England, never allowing them to return again. That is the antibiotic.

Time and time again I hear the same story from English and American reporters, saying that the problem is their governmental policies of not properly integrating young Muslims to the mainstream culture. Listen to me carefully. That is pure and unadulterated poppycock. It is nothing more than the same liberal guilt complex that places the blame for its violence on us.

It must be understood that jihadis do not want to integrate and they will never fully integrate into Western society because the Koran tells them their holy duty is to kill the infidel and overthrow all other Western forms. To be clear, there is no way to stop jihadis from killing without kicking them out of our nations. Period.

I heard an American commentator say that it is different here in America because American potential jihadis are more integrated. That is a bold faced lie. Watch the above video and understand that this group that has 35 Jihadist training camps (some 600 acres large and in over 22 states) here in America. This group, however, is a minor player compared to ISIS and al-Qaeda. They are here. They are training. They are executing their plans. They have a goal to have America under Shari’a Law within 50 years.

Either we open our eyes, or we begin to make more coffins.

Written by Henry Patino

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