Lanterns: Random Thoughts... Narcissism And Distraction.


Random Thoughts... Narcissism And Distraction.



I don't know about anyone else but I just can not stop thinking about this and it infuriates me every time I do.


Our president had to negotiate with a foreign country in order to protect OUR country because OUR congress, people who swore an oath to protect and serve we the people, refuse to do their damn jobs.


All of this crisis at our southern border could begin to disappear with the stroke of a few democrat pens, but they refuse to honor their oath of office and put the American people first.


Why would they do that? Money and power, the oldest reason in the world.


But it also goes deeper than just material desires I think. The other answer, (the root in my opinion) to that is the same answer to everything they do, its pure unadulterated narcissism.


It makes THEM feel good. "Oh look at me, I am so virtuous and good for standing up for ____________ (insert Cause). Look at me everyone, look how special I am." And this applies to everything they do.


Just never mind the fact that it is their inaction or ridiculous policies that are causing the problems to begin with.


The rule of drama is "if it does not exist...create it." and then cry around about how unfair or terrible the consequences are while blaming it all on someone else of course.


This is the liberal mentality. If it feels good do it, who cares if 50,000 people die, or thousands are made homeless, cities fall into urban decay, and crime sky rockets a year or five years from now because of it? It makes them feel good right now, and its making them tons of money. Screw the consequences because they will not have to pay them anyway, we the people will and do.


Aside from the obvious, the power and money, these people are addicts in my thinking and their drug is attention. They do not care about the American people, they most certainly do not care about these migrants or they would not be putting them in this very dangerous position to begin with. They are a tool nothing else.


A tool that allows the leftists to among other things virtue signal and get all kinds of attention from the adoring misled masses who worship them, and slaps on the back from their elitist circle of enablers they call friends.


Who is them? Pedowood, music celebrities, news and media personalities, radical politicians, sports celebrities and they just all happen to be multi millionaires.  The Marxists who are convincing the newest generations to give up control of their lives to the state and become economic slaves to the system. All at the behest of the globalists controlling them who have a much bigger agenda than just this country, they want to control the world. 


The celebrities were allowed to live the life of kings and queens, millions of dollars, every vice in the world readily available and all they had to do was keep we the people distracted so that we were not paying attention to the infiltration of the Democratic party by Communists.


That infiltration spread through pretty much every institution in our society while people were focused on their favorite sports events, movies, and concerts.


Reality TV took people away from their own lives and allows them to live vicariously through the lives of millionaire elites who do not even know or care that they exist. Its all made so much easier with the mind wiping influence of social media. 


Have you not ever asked yourself WHY these people make so much money?


Why a U.S. soldier gets paid $40k a year to risk his life defending this country, and a mediocre sports figure can earn $40 million for risking nothing to defend a ball on a field or court?


You want to talk about an unfair wage gap?


The way I see it they kept us occupied and distracted while the Marxist infiltrated our government, our entertainment industry, our education system, our justice system. Every pillar that is the foundation of our free society has been corrupted  while my generation wondered who shot J.R., or who will be on Oprah today, what will be in Al Capone's vault, or will we win the championships?


"I want my MTV"


Now those same celebrities have their minion's that worship the ground they walk on. These people can convince these young followers of anything because the corrupt education system has already robbed them of any sense of critical thinking, and a complete lack of coping skills. Couple this with a completely false narrative about the history of this country and its a very simple matter for them to guide these young people right into the clutches of the Marxist politicians who want to turn America socialist. They literally groom them throughout the education system to be mindless drones or violent radicals. Both have their uses.


They are all working together for the same goal. The fall of Western civilization.


Take it for what you will guys but I was alive and kicking through a lot of this and I was also paying attention. I have seen these things happen with my own eyes over the last three decades. I remember when we were actually free in this country and I watched the slow erosion of our freedom and liberties over the years in real time. I witnessed the change in our laws that served no real purpose but to tighten the states grip on our throats, to strangle free speech and in a nut shell allow the inmates to take over the asylum.


You know, right where we are right now.


People ask me what my sources are. 


I am the source because I lived it, I was not distracted like many others were and I have a fully functioning memory that holds the truth. I also have knowledge of the past that young people today have been denied. I have seen the horrors of socialism with my own eyes, I know their methods and what they seek because I know their history. And like so many others who were not distracted, the leftists are trying to silence my voice because the truth scares them more than anything else in the world. 


If they lose their cage of distraction and deception that imprisons the misled masses and those masses ever learn and believe the truth, everything that the Marxists have built will collapse like a house of cards because it is all based on lies.


They just can not let that happen, and we must make it happen or our country is lost. Let that really sink in because if we are not willing to go just as far as they are to win this war... we have already lost.


“People trust their eyes above all else - but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ? Zoë Marriott,

Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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