Lanterns: Coup d'Etat or Tin Foil Hats?


Coup d'Etat or Tin Foil Hats?

The late, great Andrew Breitbart once said that “politics is downstream from culture.” We can only wonder now if Breightbart knew just how right he was.

Many Americans get their news and even their history from movies and television and, while these are sometimes good ways to depict moments from history, there is a little tidbit called “poetic license.” It is what moves television executives and sells movie tickets.

We all have our favorite movie scenes. We love to watch them over and over, and they stick in our heads. If it is historical, it can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, especially if there are parallels to present day real life. One of the most controversial movies of the 90’s was Oliver Stone’s JFK. The movie told the story of Jim Garrison, former District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Garrison was the only person to bring a possible suspect to trial in what he believed was the conspiracy to assassinate President John Kennedy. While many dismissed the movie as the visual ramblings of Liberal Director Oliver Stone, there were many people on the other side that thought a few of the scenarios depicted in the film might have some plausibility. Of all of the riveting scenes in the movie, one of the most is Garrison’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with a shadowy figure named “Mr. X.” Mr. X is a former CIA black ops/special ops participant. He is well versed in the way that powerful government forces work together when they all have a common goal, in this case, the assassination of the president. What Mr. X lays out, and what he describes at the end of the scene, is quite frankly, a coup d’état. Movie exaggerations for entertainment purposes aside, what he describes is truly chilling. Could it really happen? Is it taking place now?

Fast forward to 2017 and President Donald Trump. Trump’s presidency has been the target of roughly five entities from day one.

In a recent interview between Sean Hannity and conservative commentator Monica Crowley, Hannity names the possible suspects. There is the “snowflake faction,” protesters, often paid, the Democrat Party who want nothing to do with a Trump presidency and will obstruct him at every turn, a media establishment who are more than willing to do whatever they need to do, even lie and manufacture news in order to undermine the administration, the establishment wing of Trump’s own Party, those whose only interest is in keeping their power and status and who are only appearing to be on board with Trump for re-election purposes. They have nothing but contempt and look down their noses at their own constituents and view them as uneducated boobs who are not able to run their own lives. The final element is an Intelligence community, rife with Obama hold overs who are not about to advance the Trump agenda if it makes their guy look bad. Back to Mr. X. He poses three questions: Why? Who benefits? Who has the power to cover it up? Why may be the most simple to answer.

Trump is a serious threat to the way of life in Washington. It’s composed of an elite group and, again, power and status are of the utmost importance—nothing else. Donald Trump is an outsider, not a lifetime politician, and he therefore does not gain admittance. Trump was elected to shake up how things are done in Washington, but this group cannot allow that to happen.

Who benefits? In this case, who benefits from impeachment and possible imprisonment. And make no mistake—that is the goal. All of the players benefit, or at least they think they do. The D.C. power structure stays in place, protesters keep getting paid, the media thinks they will regain their influence, and the intelligence community continues with business as usual, which seems to have come to mean spying on average Americans. Who has the power to cover it up? Another no brainer: the establishment of both parties, again all in the name of self-preservation and a willing media who make sure that stories like the release of the best job numbers in five years’ stay on the back page, and that the fake manufactured news is the first thing that people hear. Because, after all, as MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski recently said, “Our job is to tell people what to think. That’s all the proof you need in order to know that traditional journalism is dead.

Mr. X concludes by pointing out that “there is no paper trail” and that “everyone in the power structure has plausible deniability.” But maybe his most ominous observation is that “[Trump] is surrounded by enemies and something is underway.” Is it just coincidental entertaining movies clips or modern day parallels? Is it the stirring of the tin foil hat crowd or something more? Tin foil hats are usually harmless. Something more will not end well.

Written by Becky Noble

I live in St. Louis (GO CARDS!) with my husband Randy and our 50 lb Border Collie Jezzie.

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